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Cassie's Temptation by Sophie Stevens (Spotlight, excerpt, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFP ADULT title


Cassie's Temptation

ADULT title


Sophie Stevens




GENRE:   New Adult Contemporary Romance






If there are only three truths in life, they are these. Women will always try to change a man. Men will always say anything to get a girl in bed. Tyler Mason will always have a long line of girls trying to domesticate him, and none will succeed. If one of these ceases to be true, the world will cease to exist.

These are the rules as college student Cassie Faye knows them, so when she gives up on dating in favor of a man who can satisfy her without tempting her heart, her next-door neighbor Tyler tops the list. Tyler isn’t the type of boy Cassie would fall for, but he’s the perfect guy to teach her how to claim her sexual independence without losing her heart in the process. Too late, Cassie finds out that under his womanizing exterior is an attentive, considerate lover who brings out passions in her that she'd barely glimpsed before.

What if she’s wrong about the third truth? What if the world as she knows it is about to cease to exist?







Tyler sits up, resting his back against my headboard, and pats a spot next to him. “Come here.”


After I secure my robe’s sash around my waist, I saunter over. The mattress dips as I crawl next to him. He’s staring at my chest, but not in a horny, brain-dead kind of way. His brows are furrowed as though he’s trying to solve a puzzle.


“You’re either turned on or scared shitless,” he whispers, staring at my breasts.


I peer down, and I’m startled by the heavy rise and fall of my chest. My rapid breathing reminds me of Princess Catherine on her wedding day, when her chest had been heaving from nerves.


He takes my hand and draws me close until I’m nestled in the crook of his arm.


“Which is it?” He brushes his lips across my knuckles.


“Scared shitless,” I answer breathily.


“We don’t have to do this, cupcake.”


“I want to.”


I’m being somewhat truthful. Only about ninety percent of my brain is calling me an idiot for sleeping with Tyler Mason, playboy extraordinaire. The other ten percent’s obsessing over the Magnum XL in his pants. He threads his long fingers through mine, and I’m momentarily mesmerized by how graceful they are. He has artist’s fingers, the kind that should play the piano or draw angels on ceilings of cathedrals.


“We could just talk,” he says.


“That breaks rule number five.”


“There doesn’t have to be any rules.”


Oh yes, there does. Over the last week, I’ve found myself thinking about Tyler more than I should, and we haven’t even had sex yet. If I let him into my personal life by telling him about my family, friends, or dreams, it’ll only get worse, and I can’t risk that.


As if reading my mind, he says, “I know how to be an asshole when I need to be.”


Therein lies the secret to keeping my feelings separate from Tyler. All I have to do is count on him to piss me off, which is one-hundred percent guaranteed. 





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Sophie Stevens is a southern girl at heart, living in Texas with her husband and three kids. During the day she’s an aviation engineer. At night she moonlights as a naughty romance novelist with a passion for writing steamy love scenes that make her husband blush. When she’s not testing PCB boards, driving children to practice, or writing, she can be found curled up next to her black kitty reading a good book—a romance of course. 



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My review


3.5 out of 5 stars


Cassie’s Temptation by Sophie Stevens is the first book in the ‘Vandeveer University’ series and centers around college student Cassie Faye, who decides to mend her broken heart and her sexual drought by initiating a sex-only arrangement with fellow student Tyler Mason, the guy next door. They establish a set of rules to make sure their hearts don’t get involved, but rules are made to be broken, right?


This contemporary new adult romance is entirely in the point of view of the female main character, and it took me a bit of time to warm up to her, partly because she is very young and immature. As events progress, more of her character and struggles are revealed, and a surprising twist in the arrangement she establishes adds another facet to her character.


Some of Tyler’s arc is telegraphed, but there are still depths to his character that are unexpected and, although certain things are revealed, he is still a bit mysterious at the end of the book, which ends on a “happy for now” note.


I am a little concerned because there are a couple of aspects that could be considered stalkerish, although that is downplayed. The hot-and-cold situations, the glimpses of the challenges faced, and the awkward love triangle that develops underscore that I am not the target audience, because they frustrated me, but I was intrigued by the emotionalism that erupts after the severe crisis that impacts the main characters. Those who like the angst and drama of young college students should enjoy this story, and even better, the sequels are already available.


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  1. Thank you for being a part of my book tour! I loved your review as it does a great job of letting the reader know what to expect from this novel. For anyone who is interested, Tyler's point of view is in book two of the series, Cassie's Fall. Happy reading everyone!

  2. I enjoyed the excerpt and Cassie's Temptation sounds like a great temptation for me and I am looking in to giving in to it! Thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks Reading Addict, for sharing your review! Have a magial holiday season!