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SuperScruff by P. Lynn Halliday (Spotlight, excerpt, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFT




P. Lynn Halliday




GENRE: Children's







Goat Tails are a series of stories all about life on our family farm in Manitowaning. Join with us as we share the entertaining and crazy antics of all the critters that occupied that farm . . . especially the goats.


In our second book, Scruffy the kid arrives back from his BIG adventure. The lost had been found, but would he be welcomed or was it Pen Prison for him again? Scruffy had been in trouble so many times in the past that he began to have doubts. Sure the Maker loved him . . . but did everyone else?


Imagine his surprise when he was greeted at the fence by a churning, hopping, squawking sea of excitement, all straining to get a look at him! Wow, he was a superstar!


It suddenly struck him: now he knew for sure what his purpose was. He was made to be super . . . the super, duper hopping hero of the barnyard!


SuperScruff, the fearless leader of the Scruffkids!


"Oh no," bleated Nellie Nanny, "here we go again!"


Truer words have never been spoken: Scruffy was at it again. Join the fun as SuperScruff learns how to be truly Super!







Scruffy looked around him, searching for the perfect way to show just how Super he was. He spied a ladder leaning against the side of the barn. Papa had been using that ladder to paint the window frames in the loft of the barn. He gazed up to the top of the ladder and an idea began to form. What if he climbed the ladder into the loft of the barn? Surely if he hopped the length of the barn and leapt out of the window, he would be able to fly clear over Poop Hill. It was probably 20 or 30 feet. This was far enough away that no one could claim that he did it only by hopping. They would think he was flying, just like he said he could. This would be the perfect demo to show his Super-Powers.


Calling everyone over, he told them that the barrel-jumping earlier was just a warm-up for the real event. Now he was going to show everyone how Super he was by flying over Poop Hill. Everyone quickly looked at the poop pile. It was a ten-foot-high stinking, steaming pile of poop... way too huge to hop over. Even Hobby had to admit that if Scruffy managed to pull off this stunt, he was really SuperScruff!







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Lynn is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a pharmacist, a storyteller and a Christian, living and working in Northern Ontario. Life on the farm has helped each member of our family to grow in so many different ways. Perhaps the most profound growth has been spiritual, as we have all marvelled while working on our farm at the amazing world that our loving God has made. How wonderful it is that God designed each person and critter for a special purpose—no mistakes and no misfits.
















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My review:


3.75 stars



SuperScruff by P Lynn Halliday is part of the ‘Goat Tails’ series, and features some of the barnyard animals on a family farm in Canada, particularly an exuberant kid goat named Scruffy. His decision to live up to the name SuperScruff leads him into multiple adventures and requires that he learn the purpose the Maker has decreed for his life.


This Christian children’s fantasy teaches several lessons utilizing cute animal characters. In addition to the identical bible scriptures that bookend the story, Scruff’s mother counsels him about serving the Lord’s purpose rather than puffing up his own importance. There are a few consequences that are glossed over, and at times I was a bit confused about whether the characters referred to were human or animal, but I enjoyed the interactions between Scruff and his friends and family. The illustrations do a great job of enhancing the story, and I think this is a lovely teaching story for youngsters.



A copy of this story was provided for review



  1. I really like the cover and the excerpt.

  2. Wonderful excerpt, Lynn, I enjoyed following the tour and learning about your book, which sounds like a delightful book for me to share with me grandchildren and the cover is super cute! Congratulations on your recent release of SuperScruff and good luck with your book! I hope the tour was a success and thanks for sharing your book with me! Thanks Reading Addict, for sharing your review! Have a happy & successful New Year!