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You Can Do Anything by Danni Maynard (VNBtM, guest post, and GIVEAWAY) GFT


 It is my pleasure to share a guest post by author Danni Maynard, who answers my question...


ELF:  What scares you the most or makes you the happiest about writing?



DM: It’s strange. In my head I don’t consider myself an ‘author’. I didn’t set out to write a book because I wanted to write a book, or visualised a glamorous author lifestyle. Rather I wanted a particular book for my daughter, which I couldn’t find. That book being an inspirational one for young kids, especially girls to demonstrate what they can be when they grow up. There were books similar in nature to this concept, however not at a preschool level. 


I lead a very busy and different lifestyle. That being a working mum, lecturer at two universities, a pilot and currently completing a Phd. I have three fantastic kids and still meet all of their needs. I am lucky and have support from a fantastic husband who is a great dad. I want my children to see that my motivation comes from passion. My work, studies and hobbies are all around aviation. All I wish for my kids regarding their career, is that they have a passion. Whatever they choose I hope it is from passion.


So I set out to learn about the process of writing a kids book. There is a particular method that works best for young kids. I learnt that repetitiveness is key (which is the part I absolutely hate when reading to my daughter. I find it boring, but I do understand its importance now). Rhyming is also important, but most of all it is about the pictures/imagery. I did a mind map of the points I wish to get across in my book and then developed a rhyme to address each point in my mind map. Then it was off to find an illustrator. I think the hardest part was communicating my illustration concept to another person. You have to be very specific. Detail is important. 


Now that my book was finished I was happy and really only looked forward to getting a hard copy to give my daughter and also her day care. I didn’t expect it to do so well. A part of me is considering another book, however I am conscious that my Phd needs to have my full attention. You never know what the future may hold. “They” say the sky is the limit…… not for pilots. It's our playground 




You Can Do Anything


Danni Maynard




GENRE: Children's






The most inspiring people in the world started with a dream that a lot of other people thought wasn't possible. By setting their minds to something and working hard, they proved that their dream was achievable. Dream big and be what you want to be.






When I am a lawyer I will stand up and be proud. I will shout to the world, “I can be anything,” OUT LOUD.


To the airport I’ll go and fly in the sky, because I am a pilot who loves being up high.

On weekends I will sail to the sea and the ocean, my smile will be huge when the waves are in motion.


It is great to be a girl in the world of today, I can be anything and I still get to play.





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Danni Maynard grew up dreaming big and wanting to break the stereotype of what women were 'meant' to be. She is a lecturer in aviation, a pilot and is working towards her doctorate in, you guessed it, aviation. Danni is still dreaming and has turned her attention to encouraging young minds of today to dream along with her. She is a strong believer in supporting kids to pursue their passions no matter what the world tells them they can or cannot do.


She brings this passion to her daily life as a mother of three amazing children who are constantly reminded that they are allowed to imagine a life that encompasses fantasies, aspirations and ambitions. This attitude to life was shaped by her mum, who is a powerful and supportive role model in Danni's life and sculpted her to be an independent and strong-minded thinker. Danni also dedicates time to Women in Aviation – Australian Chapter to educate and inspire young girls about the fascinating industry that is aviation and the opportunities it presents to women.









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  1. This sounds like an interesting book

  2. I enjoyed the post and You Can Do Anything sounds like an excellent children's book! Thanks for sharing it with me and have an awesome weekend!