Sunday, November 20, 2011

Desiree Holt's "Delicious Danger" and Uh-oh moments

Wow!  I have been wandering around various sites and was thrilled to win a backlist title from Desiree Holt!  I have read some of her Sentinel titles and know that she writes very spicy and entertaining tales.  I am fond of her paranormal works but have never read any of her Phoenix Agency series so I agonized over which to request.  I finally asked for Delicious Danger even though I was really intrigued by the excerpts from all three, despite the fact that normally I like to start at the beginning of a series!  I have to admit that I was swayed by the description of one of the characters...who weighs about 130 pounds, is psychic a Caucasian Ovcharka named Xena.  No, I am not being racist...she's a dog and evidently plays a big role in the story.  I made the mistake of starting the story and it is enthralling but I really don't have the time to finish it right now so I am going to have to exert some willpower and do the things I am supposed to be doing...which leads me to...

Oprah has her "a-ha" moments, my life is full of "uh-oh" moments (or as those who know me are used to "oh s**t" moments).   It has slowly dawned on me that not only is Thanksgiving on Thursday...and we are traveling on Weds. but I am also going to be at the mom-in-law's house tomorrow night because we have to help her with her own travel plans on Tuesday and we are supposed to go to the Auto show on Tuesday!  Yikes!  That means that not only do I have a pre-arranged luncheon date and multiple errands to accomplish before we tackle the L.A. freeways tomorrow afternoon but all of those things that I was supposed to finish (including the Christmas cards for the 9 soldiers that I have to get into the mail before Thanksgiving) need to be expedited.  Hmm, that includes trying to read some of the 8 books that are due to be reviewed by Dec. 6 and finish the book that I am trying to help edit but still have 8 chapters to go (because, what happens in Vegas for me is not a heck of a lot of work---too much to see and do---) you know why I shouldn't be reading Delicious Danger right now (-:

My wishes for a happy holiday for all of you that celebrate Thanksgiving and a great week to all of the rest of you.


  1. I almost forgot to get my Christmas cards for the soldiers in the mail this week too. I remember when my brother was in Iraq a few years ago it took so long to get mail to him.

  2. Yep...can't ever say that I'm not a procrastinator! I started buying little things to stick in the envelopes the day that I got the names...but I didn't get all of the letters written before all of the weirdness started up in my life so then it got pushed now I have to get a little more efficient!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your loved ones. I'm thankful for your informative & entertaining posts. Stay well, travel safe & enjoy!!

  4. Thanks! My best to you and the rest of your family as well!