Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Motivational seminar

Wow!  I attended a motivational seminar yesterday which was provided at a very nominal cost.  It was pretty mind-boggling to be able to listen to such luminaries as Generals Colin Powell and Stanley McChrystal, former First Lady Laura Bush, retired Coach Lou Holtz (coached at Notre Dame), Joe Montana, Bill Cosby, Rudy Giuliani, and three people I had no prior knowledge of:  Rick Belluzzo (former president of Microsoft), Marry Buffett (Warren Buffett's daughter-in-law) and Krish Dhanam (wow....an amazingly charismatic speaker).  There were the requisite commercials (they had to pay to rent the Staples Center somehow) but I must say that I was most impressed that all of the speakers reminded us that success can be measured in many ways but being an ethical person who treats EVERYONE with respect and compassion is the biggest key.  Everyone had an anecdote from their past painting them in a less than flattering light but the overall message was that they overcame that negativity and have gone on to bigger and better things.  A wonderful reminder that even when things look dark and depressing, it is important to keep going and find a way to get past those things and not allow them to chain us down.  Another pervasive theme was to let go of the grudges and other negative feelings from your past that hold you down because they aren't helping you but rather are harming you.  A difficult lesson but one I'm going to try to work on (-:

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