Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rest in Peace Anne McCaffrey!

It is with great sadness that I read that Anne McCaffrey has passed on at the age of 85, following a stroke.  A wondrous and prolific author, her books gave me countless hours of entertainment and imaginative expansion of my universe from her beloved dragons (yes, I still have a statue of Ramoth hatching looking over my shoulder as I type this) to the amazing psychics such as the Rowan and the charismatic entities who peopled her brain and brawn ships, the Petaybee inhabitants and the lovely Acorna and all of her good works.  Her dragon trilogy comforted me when I was hospitalized for pneumonia and I used to re-read it once a year for at least a decade.  The woman definitely had a way with words and I offer my sincere condolences to her family and wish her son continued success with his continuation of her writing legacy.

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  1. I share your condolences, to her family and loved ones and also to all who enjoyed her writings!