Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lord of Rage, Royal House of Shadows #2 and Mastiff!

I managed to read Jill Monroe's Lord of Rage although I seem to have been reading the series somewhat out of order.  I received Nalini Singh's Lord of the Abyss and Jessica Andersen's Lord of the Wolfyn through Netgalley and mentioned them in my blog a few days ago but I had originally forgotten that I had won Lord of Rage through a chat held by the Knight Agency (which was a complete shock since I am usually too slow to get the answers to the trivia questions in quickly enough--very frustrating, I wish they would use a drawing or something since one person won most of their Christmas prizes last year).  I still have not read Gena Showalter's contribution to the quartet and that may be a goal for the distant future.  This was a play on Goldilocks and entertaining but I still think that Lord of the Abyss is still my favorite of the three that I have read although I wished it was longer.  I was pretty bummed to discover that the remaining pages in the e-book was an entirely different story---it's amazing how tunnel vision keeps you from noticing the entirely separate title that is listed!  My Goodreads review of Lord of Rage is at this link

I should also mention that I finally received Tamora Pierce's Mastiff (which I have been impatiently awaiting for far too long).  I started last night and must say that it was worth the wait although I was really upset by the twist.  It is always embarrassing to try to explain to one's spouse why one is reading quietly in bed and suddenly needs loads of Kleenex!  I have offered to review it for Night Owl Reviews so I will hold off on additional comments for now except to say that I was pretty disappointed with since I had it on pre-order and they still didn't ship it until the beginning of November even though it was supposed to have been released Oct. 25 or so!


  1. I haven't heard of any of those books, thanks for the review and the heads up.

  2. If you read the Tamora Pierce books, start with Terrier! Excellent young adult series.