Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another contest site

The Romance Reviews is having its anniversary party and boy, it's a lot of fun but one surely can lose a lot of time wandering through the site.  There are lots of prizes given away and if all else fails, you can add to your TBR pile because game entries are obtained by reading through various blurbs submitted by the multitudinous authors.  I realize that I am just adding to my competition by mentioning this but I think it is such a great way of attracting attention to new works that I just had to share (-:

I have been fortunate enough to win several titles over the past few months and most recently have won Whisper Cape by Regan Walsh!  There are a few print books given away but primarily e-books are the individual prizes and there are gift cards as the big prizes so what are you waiting for?  The site is at this link.

One caveat....I enjoy playing the 'flip the card and match the title' game (which you have to in order to be eligible for the grand prize drawing) but remember that the site operates on East Coast time so make sure you're all done before 9:00 PST otherwise (grrr) you lose your additional clicks and have to start all over (double grrr).  Also, for some arcane reason, the week changes over on your weekly chance entries start over then but your grand prize entries carry over.  Enjoy the hunt!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this site. I love entering all these great giveaways because I won so many which is great because I love getting free books. lol

  2. I signed up for the site and love that memory game. Solved it in 22 clicks.

  3. Yep, love playing that game but I get distracted reading the various excerpts and time goes by....

  4. lol Yeah I can totally understand that.