Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Undone By Her Tender Touch

Undone By Her Tender Touch
is the final story in Maya Banks’ ‘Pregnancy and Passion’ quartet and gives Cameron (Cam) Hollingsworth’s story.  Pippa Laingley is one of the close-knit circle that includes Ashley, Sylvia and Carly who have paired up with the strong males who are in business together.  Each male had to learn a hard lesson before he is able to win his happy ever after and  Cam is definitely no exception.  A mutually acceptable one night stand with Pippa quickly morphs into a waking nightmare when a failure in one of the condoms results in an unexpected and undesirable tie.  Cam has a painful past and is unwilling to allow anyone into his heart but is unable to explain his shortcomings to Pippa although he is strongly attracted to her.  The constant swing between attraction and rejection is confusing to Pippa who is struggling with her own issues, including the start up of a new business that is fraught with roadblocks.  The bond between Pippa and her female friends will be required to help her weather the emotional seesawing that she is undergoing while both she and Cam work out their issues.

Another poignant romance in the series.  The author deftly depicts the possible consequences of depending on only one form of birth control and the impact on lives and future plans when an unexpected pregnancy occurs.  Cam is the final member of his close-knit group to succumb to the reproductive curse or blessing (depending on your perspective) that they all seem to be fated to emulate.  His suffering and mental anguish from past events have caused him to wall himself off but he must learn to cope with his undeniable bond with Pippa and their child.  Again, this was a tamer version of Ms Banks’ writing but still an enjoyable read.  Release is scheduled for early May.

A copy of this was loaned by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. That sounds really good. I have enjoyed all of Maya Banks books I've read so far.