Monday, March 26, 2012

Deceiver and Betrayer

is number 11 and Betrayer is number 12 of C.J. Cherryh's 'Foreigner' series.  Both are very complex tales that center around the ongoing interactions between a human and an alien race known as the atevi.  A very ritualized society, honorifics, correct gestures and control of facial expressions are essential and not necessarily easy for a human to grasp.  Bren's progression over the books of the series has demonstrated the sharp learning curve but he is impressively adept at juggling the duties of his position which has continued to become more complex as he gains the trust of those he deals with.  Although it would be helpful to have read the series from the beginning, it is not absolutely necessary provided one is patient with the learning curve necessary to adjust to the myriad of characters.  Cherryh has an awesome ability to build intricate worlds with their attendant societies peopled by fascinating characters (I am particularly fond of young Cajeiri who will soon be felicitous nine) where courage is sometimes displayed through quiet determination rather than showy actions.   My Amazon review for Betrayer is at this link.  I always appreciate positive votes on the Amazon listing for ELF2060 (although I certainly would welcome knowing the reasons behind a negative one as well!).   My Goodreads review for Deceiver is here.

I received a copy of Deceiver in return for an honest review (and was fortunate to find Betrayer at my local library)

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  1. Nice review, I haven't read this one but my TBR pile is getting close to toppling over at this time. lol