Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Deadly Dance: Forever's Romantic Suspense Blog Tour Part 1

Deadly Dance by Dee Davis is one of her A-Tac novels which features a group of dedicated operatives who alternate between their sometimes life-threatening missions and their cover positions at the campus of Sunderland College which houses the headquarters for the organization.  A-Tac (American Tactical Intelligence Command) is an organization founded by the CIA and it has undergone some upheaval due to the tragic loss of several of its members but those who remain are dedicated to their jobs.  Harrison Blake is a recent addition to the team but his background as a former FBI agent and member of the Last Chance organization combined with his computer skills make him an invaluable resource.  The tragic loss of his twin has made him reluctant to get close to anyone although he is sorely tempted by fellow operative Hannah Marshall who has her own demons from the past to haunt her.  A horrific video and subsequent clues lead the A-Tac team to realize that an insidiously evil individual is stalking the campus and may be targeting individuals close to Hannah herself.  The gradual blossoming of a relationship between Hannah and Harrison is complicated by the tragedies in their backgrounds as well as the strain of finding a killer before he kills again.  The escalating violence may end any chance of a romance before it is even begun unless a killer is brought to justice.

A gritty suspenseful tale that juxtaposes horrific scenes of violence with a unwilling attraction blossoming between two emotionally damaged individuals who must overcome their fears while attempting to remain effective investigators.  The search gradually uncovers clues that may relate to a case from Harrison’s past but the escalation of violence and the increasing number of victims from A-Tac’s home campus make it even more essential that the case be resolved quickly.  An intense and mesmerizing read.

An interview and giveaway is available at the SOS Aloha blog at this link.

An ARC of this title was provided in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I've read a book from Dee davis and really liked it.

  2. She has a great style, it was a gripping read!