Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not enough hours in the day....

Happy St. Patrick's Day (a bit late!).  Today is also my hubby's's an interesting combination, an 'ELF' and a leprechaun, lol.  We have been spending the weekend on the wonderful Los Angeles freeways because we are attending a seminar this weekend...and not only is there the hassle of leaving the house at least 90 minutes before we need to get there but my goodness, it was POURING this morning and believe me, Southern Californians think the weather should always be moderate and sunny so they tend to get positively kooky when driving in the rain and then it was lightly snowing on our way home tonight!  Those of you who get 'real' snow would laugh at us but we tend to get really nervous seeing those little flakes flying at us...particularly when there are plenty of nutty people who think that lack of clear and dry weather conditions means to speed up and drive even more recklessly...especially the big rigs!  Fortunately, we made it home safely...just missed being involved in an accident this morning...and will have to pray that our journey tomorrow will be uneventful as well.  It tends to be frustrating because it seems that the reckless drivers blithely sow mayhem in their wake and are long gone before they can be punished for their actions.

Sorry, just had to vent!  On the positive side, just finished Lenobia's Vow (by the mother/daughter P.C and Kristin Cast team).  Once I get my review posted for Night Owl I will go into more detail.  It was a great addition to the 'House Of Night' series.  I am also still working on my reviews for Diane Mott Davidson's Crunch Time and Casey Daniels' Wild Wild Death.  The former is for Night Owl but the latter is going to be for 'Kings River Magazine', a new venue for me.  I made the mistake of volunteering for a couple of they sent me 5 or 6!  Fortunately, they are all cozy mystery type reads so that once I find the time to read them, they should go pretty quickly.  I just have to figure out the requirements for their reviews (-:

I have been flattered to have had my opinion solicited by two different authors (about different issues) but it has taken me a little bit of time and contemplation to generate my answers.  The little household chores, dinner, answering e-mails...oops, where did the time go?  Gotta get up really early again tomorrow...guess I won't get around to writing those reviews tonight after all!  Maybe I'll find some time tomorrow...

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  1. I grew up in L.A. Redondo Beach to be exact and remember the crazy drivers. My brother moved back there with his wife and tells me it's even worst than it was when we all lived there 25+ years ago. Have fun on your trip.