Sunday, June 9, 2013

Being Me (adult title) and special pricing for its prequel plus ways to help the OKC folks

Adults only please.

Being Me      
by Lisa Renee Jones is the second book in her trilogy, the 'Inside Out' series and is just being released.  The compelling and tortured characters in this book make it an emotional read even as the very spicy scenes give a glimpse into the erotic world of BDSM.  There are new characters introduced who probably will deserve to have their own stories told and the revelations in this particular novel will give insight into the basis for some of the characters' actions.  I am not a big fan of novels written in the first person but it is compelling to accompany Sarah on her sometimes tortuous journey.  One of the scenes that I found most striking to describe the complex relationships explored is this one:

I've always known that we were two puzzle pieces that fit together in a hollow that is our pain.  There was a time when I was certain we were too damaged not to destroy each other.  Now I think we are saving each other.

My review for Being Me is at this link.  

Even better, the first story in the series, If I Were You,  is available for the special price of $3.99 for the e-book edition. (please click on the cover to purchase on Amazon, if you purchase anything during this shopping trip, I will get a small percentage of the sale so, thank you).

I thought this was a great addition to the trilogy and I am impressed by the author's ability to continue to hold the reader's interest, especially since it has taken such a long time since the very frustrating cliffhanger ending of the first book to continue the series.  There are a series of novellas which give a glimpse of Rebecca's journey (the woman whose journals started the heroine on her own life changes) called Rebecca's Lost Journals.  They are described in my post at this link.  This exciting series has been optioned to Starz and is becoming internationally known so I look forward to seeing what else this prolific author will accomplish.

I was provided with copies of these titles in exchange for an honest review.


The delightful Randi Alexander has a guest post by the talented Em Petrova on ways to help the victims of the OKC tornadoes at this link.  There are quite a few options available (and a sizzling excerpt from Ms Petrova) at this link.


  1. I'll definitely have to get this one. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. You're welcome, be warned, you will get pulled into the story so don't start it until you have time to read it all, lol.