Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Contests and giveaways and upcoming reviews (updated)

The Romance Reviews is having their Sizzling Summer Reads contest going on at this link.  I always enjoy these because not only is there the 'Matching Game' contest but each question leads you to an excerpt from a different book and there are always very good odds for winning something over the weeks that the contest runs.  Be advised that the time is EST (I always get caught because I start entering the contest at night and everything changes over at midnight EST).

There are always nice contests going at Tina Donahue's blog, either for some of her backlist titles or for the authors she is spotlighting (there was a tour with a $50 Amazon GC when I looked last).  Go to this link.

Night Owl Romance (yes, there is a little personal bias, lol) always has contests going on at the blog (and of course, browse through the reviews while you are there, I have written more than 660 of them!).  Link.

Romance Books 4 Us has a contest every month (I won a book by Mona Risk last month!) and the hunt is fun (if only for the chance to look at the cover models' pix!).  Link.

Come join us at the Writerspace chat.  The New Releases chat is on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. PST.  Sometimes there are giveaways and there is always good (and sometimes wacky) conversation and plenty of discussion amongst book addicts and authors.  Join us in the Readers' Chatroom at this link.  Fair warning, SOME of the chats (EC or Changeling chats on 6/25/13) are ADULTS only but there are usually several during the week.

The monthly contests at Writerspace can be found at this link.

There are plenty of hops scattered throughout the blogosphere, if you have one to share, feel free to let me know and I will add it to the list but I am a bit too crunched for time to hunt right now.  I am delighted to mention that I will have e-books for giveaways over the next few weeks so keep an eye out!

And don't forget that Dana Marton has her new romantic suspense, Deathtrap available for $.99 (click on cover for link...if you purchase, I will get a small percentage of whatever you purchase during this shopping excursion so thank you!)

I have been a little buried in edits and proofreads so I haven't been keeping up with my reviews as much as I should but my stack of upcoming reviews include:


Laura Griffin: Exposed, another of her wonderfully fast-paced romantic suspense stories in the 'Tracers' series.  Yum.


Elle James:  Voodoo for Two (a cute paranormal set in the bayou country and continuing after the entertaining story from Voodoo on the Bayou)



Tara Lain:  Spell Cat and Brush with Catastrophe, both fun m/m paranormal reads.


and I am in the middle of reading Lisa Renee Jones:  Being Me, a deliciously erotic romantic suspense that is part of her 'Inside Out' trilogy.

Yes, as usual, I am reading faster than I am writing the reviews but that is partly because I have had so many edits lately that I am reluctant to sit at the keyboard when I can be reading something else!  We won't discuss the pile of library books that I haven't gotten to, lol.


  1. I haven't read any of those books. My wish list just got bigger...lol

    1. I always love sharing the books that I have read and enjoy making other people's TBR piles just as high as mine, lol! I hope you get the notice about the free download of Randi Alexander's adult title, it's available for a limited time so hurry!