Friday, June 21, 2013

Under the Full Moon (adult title)

Under the Full Moon           

(Adult title)
by Bobbi Romans is Book Two of the ‘Swamp Magic’ series and continues the saga begun in “Swamp Magic”.   Grace McKinney lost her fiance years prior but has found someone new to give her heart to but he is well-armored both literally and figuratively.  Despite their success at defeating the evil villain who ruined so many lives, Grace and Damien have plenty of obstacles to overcome, including the inimical Demetrius who has his own formidable powers and plans which threaten Grace and all who are important to her.


This imaginative paranormal novella has an intriguing cast of characters including an armadillo shifter.  There are several creative twists to the story which gives an entertaining glimpse of things that are unique to the swamp and add to its allure.  The story is a little erratic for me and I think the characters are a bit two-dimensional and would benefit from a bit more depth.  I am not sure whether part of the issue is my lack of familiarity with the story and that perhaps having read the first novella in the series, Swamp Magic, would have helped establish the framework better.  I was a bit irked by the indecisiveness of the relationship between Grace and Damien and hope that their relationship works out some of its weaknesses.  I enjoyed the fresh twist to the premise and confess to curiosity about the fates of some of the secondary characters and certainly hope that this series continues.   This was a fun light read.

A copy of this inventive title was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

And...for those of you who like horror tales, the author also has a story out this month that may be of interest, Table for Three--Hold the Blood



  1. They all sound good. I'm gonna have a few days alone next month when hubby house/dog sits for his sister and have been looking for some good books to read while I have some peace and quiet. lol

  2. Ah...peace and quiet to read...who could ask for anything more? Have fun!