Thursday, June 20, 2013


by Laura Griffin is another of her wonderful romantic suspense tales.  I love the way the stories in this series intertwine with each other and that one gets glimpses of some of the other characters in the Delphi Center yet each storyline is distinct and explores different aspects of investigative technique.  If you would like to get a feel for this very talented author's writing style, her story, Nightfall, is available at no charge on Amazon (I am not sure for what time period).  Please click on the cover to be taken to the site.

I am also delighted that both of this author's titles, Scorched and Twisted, were nominated for a RITA Award for romantic suspense!  Well-deserved and I will be keeping my fingers crossed that one of them wins (although Scorched is one of my favorites and one of my relatively rare 5 star picks!).  My review for Scorched is at this link and for Twisted is at this link.


My review for Exposed is as follows:

Exposed by Laura Griffin is the exciting story in her ‘Tracers’ series that centers around photographer Maddie Callahan who supplements her CSI work for the Delphi Center with photography of personal and far happier events. A vicious mugging ensnares her in an FBI investigation that brings her to the attention of Special Agent Brian Beckman who finds himself fascinated by the prickly woman who has an exceptional eye for detail and very strong resistance to his brand of charm. The clock is ticking as the search for a kidnapped woman who seems pivotal to the FBI investigation continues and Maddie uses her formidable resources at the Delphi Center to aid Brian even as she rejects the pull she feels for the sexy agent. The issue becomes whether there is more danger to Maddie’s heart or her life as the search for the suspect intensifies but Brian is determined to find a way to protect both or die trying.

This exciting romantic suspense story provides yet another mesmerizing tale of the fascinating people who work out of the Delphi Center and do their investigative magic. As is common with books in this enthralling series, the action starts with a bang and intensifies throughout the story. One of my favorite characteristics of this author’s work is the breadth of information that she provides about the science and technology applied to solving crimes even as she supplies a wonderfully intense read. The contrast between the romanticism of photo shoots for prospective brides and the gritty aspects of documenting a crime scene is striking yet beautifully demonstrates the attention to detail required for each type of photograph. The past events that have shaped each of the main characters give intriguing depth to these complex characters who each are struggling against their own demons yet strongly attracted to one another. I love the gradual increase in intensity of the action and the suspense that ratchets up and warn that it is easy to get lost in this delicious read so don’t start it unless you have time to read the whole thing, otherwise you may not get a lot of sleep that night!

A copy of this exciting title was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. This was such a great book! I can't wait to see what is next.

    1. I thought it was a great read and I always enjoy books that allow me to re-visit characters and places I liked.