Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mike Holmes: Kitchens and Bathrooms

Mike Holmes: Kitchens and Bathrooms (Make it Right)   

by Mike Holmes is an invaluable resource for anyone contemplating having these rooms renovated and it provides thought-provoking tips that can be used with any type of renovation.  Similar to the thorough explanations provided on the popular television show hosted by Mr. Holmes, there are step by step instructions which detail the various aspects one has to consider before starting any project of this magnitude.  There are essential tips for choosing an appropriate contractor, advice on incorporating ‘green’ ideas in the project and then specific items to be considered for the kitchen and the bathroom.  A checklist is provided for each room and a checklist for planning the entire project is also provided.

 This very practical bathroom and kitchen renovation guidebook is an excellent resource for the person who is considering any kind of renovation project.  I like the fact that information is presented in an orderly and practical fashion in an easily understood manner and covers a breadth of information to consider, all of which can be applied no matter which room one is attempting to renovate.  The breakdown into stages of preparation is ideal and makes one consider a multiple of aspects and all of the suggestions about the factors that should go into one’s choice of a contractor are gems that every person planning to hire help should know.  This is an excellent book to help one become better informed about the massive project being undertaken when renovating one’s kitchen and/or bathroom and it is a wonderful aid to prevent the creation of a massive headache.  I definitely recommend that anyone considering a renovation project read this before they start!

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I received a copy of this title in return for an honest review.

Mike Holmes has several books and a popular television show that really tries to help one avoid the pitfalls that are so readily available.  My hubby read a different title (Make It Right) by this author before I received this one to review and said that, although there were some similarities, there was a lot of very useful information in both books.  There are great illustrations and tips and it made my hubby even more anxious to watch the television series!

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