Thursday, May 8, 2014

Petals in the Wind by VC Andrews has been made into a movie! (and a site of interest)


FICTION INTO FILM: Pick up Petals on the Wind May 20th and watch the movie May 26th!

WATCH: The movie trailer, and tune in to Lifetime on  Monday, May 26th, 9:00 pm ET to watch the World Premier of Petals on the Wind!
ENTER TO WIN: Go to the Pocket Books Facebook page beginning May 20th to enter the sweepstakes for a prize pack of Flowers in the Attic and Petals on the Wind, and the Flowers in the Attic DVD.  Visit right before tuning into Petals on the Wind late May for the sweepstakes giveaway (date to be announced)!

Petals on the Wind cast:
Heather Graham              as Corrine
Ellen Burstyn                      as Olivia
Dylan Bruce                        as Bart
Rose McIver                       as Young Cathy (played by Kiernan Shipka in Flowers in the Attic)
Wyatt Nash                        as Christopher (played by Mason Dye in Flowers in the Attic)

I don't use makeup for a variety of reasons...but I can't imagine sitting long enough for anyone to do!


  1. I love VC Andrews. I have read the books and watched both Flowers In The Attic movies. I am looking forward to watching Petals In The Wind. I wonder how well they do. It is not exact to the book, but, the book gets a bit crazy!! LOL---Rae

    1. These are a little out of my preferred genre but I agree that they are well written. I will be interested in hearing what you think about the movie. Thanks for visiting, Rae!

  2. I have to say I'm guilty of not having read this one. I think I'll check out the movie :) Rae you'll have to let me know if I should read the book if the movie doesn't match closely :)

    1. I understand it's a very popular series, Crystal...but I think I am too much of a wimp to enjoy it, lol. Thanks for visiting!