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The Start of Something Good by Renee Vincent (spotlight and giveaway)


The Start of Something Good

Jamett & Joseph Series, Book One

ISBN (Print):  9780985583101
ISBN (Ebook):  978098583118

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Price:  FREE (limited time offer)

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Who knew Mr. Right lived right next door?

Jamie Sutherland, coffee shop owner and serial ruined-relationship survivor, moves into a beautiful loft apartment for a change of scenery.  What she doesn't plan on getting is an eye-full of her handsome next-door neighbor--in nothing but a towel--arguing with his significant other in the hallway.

Joseph Scarbrough's world crashes down on him one cruel morning when his childhood sweetheart rips his heart out of his chest and walks away.  His humiliation isn't complete until he turns around to pick up the pieces and sees a beautiful brunette who just witnessed his Dear John moment.

Caught in an awkward situation, the two backpedal into their separate worlds.  But fate seems determined to make their worlds collide on a regular basis.  Is it destiny just being clumsy when it comes to the two unlikely neighbors or is it the start of something good?


"...a witty, poignant contemporary romance that you will hate to see end.  This sweet, innocent tale takes you along for the ride as life takes two people on the path from friendship to love.  Dealing with the choices in life, friendship, family, love, loss and gain, this fun, flirty story will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone."

5 Blue Ribbons ~ Romance Junkies

"The author has a wonderful capability of evoking all the reader's senses in a such subtle way that encourages reading this perfectly paced story in one sitting.  A light and easy read, this alternately hilarious and heartwarming story is definitely the start of something good!"

~ 4 STARS! ~ Night Owl Reviews

"I've just finished The Start of Something Good.  I sure the heck hope that Book 2 is out soon because I don't know that I can wait!!  That was one of the best sweet stories that I've had the privilege of reading in a long time.  It was really easy to develop an emotional connection with the characters, as well.  I love the premise and I can't wait to see how Jaime and Joseph's relationship progresses."

~ 5 STARS! ~ Liz from Coffee Beans & Love Scenes

The Road To Something Better

Jamett & Joseph Series, Book Two

ISBN (Print):  9780985583125
ISBM (Ebook) :  9780985583132

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Price:  $2.99

Available at:   AmazonB&N | iBooks | Smashwords | ARe


The road less traveled never had so many bumps.

Jamie Sutherland never expects to connect with her sexy-as-sin neighbor, Joseph Scarbrough, especially after all the failed relationships she's suffered.  Not only does she find out he's not quite "the player" she believed him to be, but that his heart bears scars much deeper than her own.  Ready to take a chance on this unlikely match, she eagerly await their upcoming date and hopes that Joseph is the very companion she's been waiting for all her life.

Time and time again, the comical sporadic encounters resume in their loft apartment complex and Joseph eventually reveals that he is the building superintendent in a very unforgettable, Lucky-in-the-Diet-Coke-commercial fashion.

While he's proficient in fixing Jamie's clogged sink, he's not all that great at leaving his past behind.  When Caroline, his yuppy ex-girlfriend, makes another surprise visit, Jamie's road to something better gets a little rocky.

Will Joseph choose the familiar woman with whom he had a history, or the loyal friend who's given him a future?

The Gift of Something Grand 

Jamett & Joseph Series, Book Three

ISBN (Print):  9780985583156
ISBN (Ebook):  9780985583149

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Price $3.99

Available at:   Amazon |


When those three little words aren't enough.

Jamie Sutherland finds herself falling in love with he irresistible next-door neighbor, Joseph Scarbrough.  No surprise there.  But when she wakes up in his bed, she's stunned that even in her sleep, she can't resist him.

As their relationship heats up, Joseph gives Jamie a key to his apartment and he finally gives Caroline, his relentless ex-girlfriend, the boot.  Jamie's excited to think he just might be the one.

But how do you tell the man of your dreams you love him when he insists that he can't fall in love?

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Author Bio:

RENEE VINCENT is a bestselling Contemporary & Historical Romance Author.  From the daunting, charismatic Vikings, to the charming, brazen Alpha male heroes of modern day, you'll be whisked away to a world filled with fast-paced adventure, unforgettable romance, and undying love.

She also writes lighthearted, fancy-free Chick Lit Romance as GRACIE LEE ROSE.  For those who love to read fun, wholesome, and endearing romantic stories (wit a smidgen of spunk) that your mother, sisters, friends, and daughters can enjoy.

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Renee is giving away 3 ebook copies of any of her backlist, including boxed sets to 3 different winners (winner's choice of book in either kindle or nook format.)  Choices include EMERALD ISLE TRILOGY Boxed set, UNFORGETTABLE HEROES Boxed set, The Temperate Warrior, Silent Partner, Raeliksen, Mac Liam, an The Fall of Rain.

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  1. That sounds like a really sweet read. Nothing like spotting the hunky neighbor in nothing but a towel even if he did just get dumped.

    1. It does give a yummy visual, doesn't it? Thanks for visiting, Mary!

    2. Thanks Mary! Would you believe I had that very dream and it wouldn't let me rest until I wrote it out. I think you'll really LOVE Joseph, towel or no towel. Wait...that didn't come out right. LOL

      Happy reading!

    3. E.L.F. Thanks so much for featuring my series on your gorgeous blog!!! I hope your readers enjoy this story. Many thanks and best wishes to you!

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely compliment! I appreciate your visiting and thank you for the generous gift of your first book to all of us readers. Good luck with your tour!

  3. Thanks for sharing this series. I think it sounds like a great series. I picked up the free read and I can't wait to read it :)

  4. The best date I remember was my "official" first date with my husband. We went out to eat and then met up with friends. I was nervous (who isn't on a first date) but we got a long that I knew he was special. The night we were suppose to go on our 3rd date my dad ended up in the hospital very ill. This wonderful man showed up and stayed with my Mom and I through the night at the hospital with my Dad. He never left my side through the whole thing. I knew then he was "the one". We've been together ever since. My Dad got better after that but we have since lost him. My husband was by my side through that as well. We've been through a lot together but we're still in love and stronger than ever :)

    1. Wow, what a fantastic guy...and you are perfect for him as well, I am sure. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story, Crystal!