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Moro's Price by MC Hana (review) ADULT title


 Moro's Price

Warning: This is an ADULT m/m erotic science fiction title that is very spicy and dark and is not for squeamish or easily offended readers.

Cheated out of freedom and destined for a lifetime of servitude, gladiator and slave Moro Dalgleish escapes from a brutal arena. Valier Antonin, a lonely student, is tormented by dark urges he's forbidden to indulge. When the two men meet on the skyscraper roof where Moro plans to commit suicide, Valier offers a bargain: sex with Valier will infect Moro with the sentient symbiont endemic in Valier's part-human race, with death the likely result.

As one of the infection's rare survivors, Moro learns he is now a free Camalian citizen. He's also effectively married to Valier, crown prince of the Camalian Commonwealth. Expecting a shallow encounter with a doomed slave, Valier learns Moro is his Knife, the mate who can stabilize Valier's undisciplined mind and make him fit to rule.

My review:

5 out of 5 stars

 Moro's Price by MC Hana is the darkly erotic m/m science fiction story that features Moro Dagliesh, a tortured man who has been subjected to the sadistic machinations of two different masters.  A desperate attempt to escape his torment results in his becoming embroiled with a seductive individual named Val who promises his release through an entity named Cama, who will either destroy him or secure his safety.  Unfortunately, there are more forces at play than just the readily visible ones and not only Moro’s survival but that of entire planets may be at stake in an intricate game whose rules are only known to a few elite beings.

This mesmerizing novella is a fantastic combination of science fiction and sensuality which explores the dark seduction of pain and pleasure.  The remarkable combination of fantastical beings and imaginative worlds and situations are blended together in a very compelling tale that provides both a very spicy read and a wonderful romance.  There are plenty of twists and turns as more and more charismatic beings are introduced and the highs and lows give one the sensation of a roller-coaster ride even as one roots for Moro to have a life free from the torment that he has been experiencing for so long.  Be warned, there are pretty intense and disturbing sexual situations but these become overshadowed by the fascinating developments as more and more conflicts are revealed.  This tale reminds me of the dark erotic fantasy ‘Kushiel” series by Jacqueline Carey which was just as mesmerizing and every time I browse through “Moro’s Price” to check a detail, I am again captured in the spell of Moro and Val’s story.  There are so many intriguing threads that I am hopeful that there will be many more sequels because even though this story had a satisfying ending, I want to know more about all of these characters and I will definitely be on the lookout for other works by this very talented author.

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