Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sweet Revenge by Rebecca Zanetti (review)


Sweet Revenge by Rebecca Zanetti is the exciting paranormal romance that is part of a series centering around a very secret military unit which was formed through genetic experimentation. Matt Dean and his brothers have survive their horrific training but he and his remaining siblings know that the clock is ticking on their lives. Their search for the person who can save them leads Matt to Laney Jacobs, who has secrets of her own that complicate the attraction that intensifies between them. Given her propensity to faint at the sight of blood, it is hard to imagine how she is going to help them overcome the violence they deal with, if they can even survive long enough for it to become an issue.

This action-packed thriller provides a sensational read that combines fantastical warriors, a poignant and intense bond formed between a group of intensely loyal brothers and an enigmatic woman who tries to achieve the unattainable, sway a single-minded man from his purpose. I love the connections that are established in this terrific read, especially during the Deans’ childhood, and, although some of the events are pretty far-fetched (particularly the use of twine), I was enthralled throughout the entire tale. I have not read the first story in this series but definitely want to, however this story did fine as a stand-alone, I just want to catch up on the background! Such an intense read that grabs one from the very first page and enthralls one until, sadly, the last page is reached. I am anxious to read more about these fantastic males, especially since the major issue hasn’t been resolved yet, but I will be patient (reluctantly)!

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  1. This book sounds awesome. The series sounds like it is going to be good :)