Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Season's Greetings...let's spread a little cheer

To all of you who celebrate the season...very Happy Holidays!

Please remember to honor the spirit of the don't stress over trying to have the perfect home or the perfect gift...the least expensive but sometimes most challenging thing to offer is the gift of acceptance...for yourself and for others.  For example, most people who have gotten to know me realize that, although my heart is in the right place, I usually bite off more than I can I am invariably late (yes, my Christmas cards may not arrive until sometime next year!).

Try not to let the stress get to you and practice little acts of kindness...whether letting someone go in front of you, or returning someone's shopping cart for them...or listening patiently to the same story from an elderly friend or relative without cutting them off, lol.

If you are looking for folks to reach out to, please remember your local senior centers, convalescent homes and VA hospitals as well as the assistance organizations such as those for the abused or child protection agencies. 

 And then, don't forget those who are serving so far away from their homes...  It is heartbreaking to read through the requests for basic things like shampoo and deodorant (although be warned that some of the wishlists get pretty expensive, maybe suitable for fundraising efforts?).  Make sure you investigate what kinds of things can be used...e.g. only certain kinds of very thick cotton socks are appropriate and be advised that food items must be prepackaged.  Link  You will need to register on the site and to send the site managers themselves a donation to help keep the site itself running.

Soldiers' Angels  I am much less active in this organization than I used to be (and I am thankful that the folks I adopted through this site have returned home safely!) so please make sure you pay attention to all of the hoops that have to be jumped through.  There is a section specifically for letter writing, if your funds are tight but you have the time to reach out to a soldier or two.  Link

Wounded Warrior Project is always looking for donations to help support our wounded veterans.  Link

Operation Paperback also helps provide books to both deployed soldiers and their families here at home.  Link


Those of you who attend the Night Owl Reviews weekly chat or the ones on Writerspace probably have 'met' the author and veteran, Jerry Race.  Unfortunately, he had a heart attack on Thanksgiving and needs to move into new housing, so there is a fundraising campaign for him.  If you can, please help spread the word as the campaign ends next week!

Above all, I wish you joy and contentment and of course, plenty of books to read!

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