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Glimmer by Beth Kery (review) ADULT title

Fair warning...
For some reason, I didn't book tours this week...which is good and bad...bad, because I have no giveaways to offer, but good because I am not frantically trying to get things posted.  I will try to put in some of my reviews from the past few weeks and some of my musings...but, if you are looking for the tours, they will be back AFTER the 4th of July.  Have a lovely holiday weekend!

4 out of 5 stars

ADULT title
Glimmer by Beth Kery is the first book in the ‘Glimmer and Glow’ series and introduces MBA graduate Alice Reed, who has managed to obtain a position at a unique training camp that could be the key to securing her future. Her intense attraction to Dylan Fall, the CEO of the company that runs the camp, is inexplicably reciprocated, and their heated affair elicits multiple complications, including the issues from her past that threaten their future together. Dylan’s quest to help her become all that she can be, in and out of the bedroom, has frightening implications and Alice must decide whether the price to fully accept everything that is being offered to her is too high to pay.

This intensely erotic contemporary story has both eerie elements and a tantalizing mystery that combine in a mesmerizing story. The gradual flowering of the relationship between the suave, rich, self-assured, and somewhat kinky CEO and the naive, newly-minted graduate is a vaguely familiar theme but the mysterious twists in the story and the incandescent intimate encounters described remind one of the author’s dexterity at creating a sizzling and intriguing tale. I was a bit uncomfortable at some of the revelations that teeter on the bounds of unethical behavior, given the inequity of knowledge, but I can’t deny that I was drawn into the spell of the story. The pragmatic explanation for the almost paranormal occurrences is a nice twist, but I wasn’t quite ready for the story to end where it did and I am anxious to read the next in the series.  

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