Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Releasing Rage by Cynthia Sax (ADULT title) Pre-release informatiom

Releasing in August!  Another exciting erotic series by Cynthia Sax...The first in the Cyborg Sizzle series!

 Releasing Rage

ADULT title


Half Man. Half Machine. All Hers.

Rage, the Humanoid Alliance’s most primitive cyborg, has two goals—kill all of the humans on his battle station and escape to the Homeland. The warrior has seen the darkness in others and in himself. He believes that’s all he’s been programmed to experience.
Until he meets Joan.

Joan, the battle station’s first female engineer, has one goal—survive long enough to help the big sexy cyborg plotting to kill her. Rage might not trust her but he wants her. She sees the passion in his eyes, the caring in his battle-worn hands, the gruff emotion in his voice.

When Joan survives the unthinkable, Rage’s priorities are tested. Is there enough room in this cyborg’s heart for both love and revenge? 

R-Rated Excerpt

“I serve you. You’re my cyborg.”

“I’m your master.” His eyes glowed with pride and passion. “You belong to me, are mine to do with as I will.”

“Yes, sir.” She couldn’t form a longer reply. Her breasts were alive with his touch, his nanocybotics working her like a thousand tiny tongues, concentrated where his mouth engulfed her skin. Her pussy warmed with the friction of his palm.

“Right now, I wish to repair your damage.” He laved her breasts with his tongue, covering her with his unique form of care, spreading his seduction across her entire chest, and she writhed against him, fighting her release, wishing to delay this delicious torture.

“I want my female in prime condition when I breed with her.” Rage pushed two of his large fingers inside her.

She whimpered, the fit tight, stretching her.

“You’ll take me, little engineer.” He spread his fingers, increasing the pressure. “Not today. You haven’t yet earned that reward.” He pumped her, his rhythm fast, hard, squeezing the breath from her chest. “But soon. I’ll fill your snug human pussy with my cyborg cum.”

“Yes, sir.” Joan wiggled, impaled on his fingers.

“I’ll breed with you whenever, wherever, however, I desire.” His lips moved against her as he thrust his fingers between her pussy lips, filling her again and again. “And you’ll deny me nothing because you serve me.”

“I serve you, sir.” Let me come, she wanted to beg yet didn’t dare. He was in control, would give her relief when, if he wished.

“When I tire of you, when you no longer satisfy my needs—”

She shook with want and need and an endless yearning. “You’ll kill me, sir.” Saying the words gave her some power and she wasn’t scared of death, only of not finding release.

“Yes.” He drove into her pussy with his fingers and nipped her breast with his lip-covered teeth.

She screamed, bearing down on his hand, taking him deeper inside her. Her inner walls constricted around him, as though trying to make their bond permanent.

His mouth tugged and pulled at her nipple, extending her orgasm until she had nothing left, sagging against him.

Rage drew her upward with one arm, this demonstration of his strength impressing her. “My female.” He licked the scratch on her face. His nanocybotics warmed her skin as they repaired her damage. His fingers remained inside her.

From the Author

This is dark SciFi erotic romance. If you're sensitive to violence (of ANY kind), please read one of my lighter SciFi erotic romances.

Releasing Rage IS a romance and has the expected romance ending.

There will be at least five stories in the Cyborg Sizzle series.

 Releasing Rage
Being Green (this is a short story with Green as the hero and will be in a yet-to-be named anthology)
Breathing Vapor (Vapor's story - he's one of the new K model cyborgs and had been assigned to Rage's battle station)
Crash And Burn (Crash's story)
Minding Gap (Gap's story)

I expect Intrepid, Vector and many of the other cyborgs will have stories also.

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If you ever have any questions (about the science behind the story, any of the characters, the future of cyborgs, anything), send me an email and I'll happily answer them. 
Cynthia's blog is Taste of Cyn 


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    1. It's very hot, but also a great character study with a science fiction twist. I confess that it's not for the squeamish, but I am anxiously awaiting more in the series!