Saturday, January 9, 2016

Heartsong Cottage by Emily March (Review)

Heartsong Cottage by Emily March is part of the ‘Eternity Springs’ series that centers around the small town that is populated by many charismatic individuals. Daniel Garrett shares poignant memories with several of the town’s inhabitants but his attention is ensnared by Shannon O’Toole. The problem is that each of them has horrific emotional scars making them reluctant to pursue a relationship, despite one incandescent interaction at their mutual friends’ wedding. Neither of them can move forward and truly heal until the past is dealt with, but it may be harder to leave it behind than they think, especially when danger lurks that could destroy any progress that they have made thus far.

This lovely contemporary romance is both a tear-jerker and a suspenseful story with multiple facets. The story starts off with such an intense impact that I had fears it was going to be a weighty depressing tale, but I was quickly caught up in the lives of the interconnected people and the whirlwind encounter that forges a bond that catalyzes a change in the main characters’ lives. There are many very touching scenes in the story, including a delicious groveling scene (good thing, because I definitely wanted to smack a certain thick-headed hero, lol) and a remarkable group effort to find a lost memento that epitomizes the kinship felt by those in the town (and definitely elicited the need for tissues). There are also intriguing asides provided by the mysterious Celeste Blessing and her Guidelines for Aspiring Angels, and wonderful twists and turns to the journey that Shannon and Daniel embark upon. I have not read any of the other stories in the series yet had no trouble reading this as a stand-alone tale, but, given the dexterity with which this tale is told, I am definitely interested in reading more about the fascinating inhabitants of this town.

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