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The Outsider and Alice After Hours by Galia Ryan (excerpt, review and GIVEAWAY) GFT ADULT titles

by Galia Ryan


GENRE: erotic romance



The Outsider
Cassie Jonsson, a pretty blonde police officer, is given the odd jobs the men don’t want, in this case checking out an old house the locals believe is haunted. The McAllister house is indeed haunted, but not by a ghost. Prophet is a ruggedly handsome former vet. He awakens something primal in Cassie, a boundless desire that blinds her to the dangers of bedding a stranger.

Alice After Hours
In her relationships, Alice likes to be in charge. One evening she stumbles across an Internet chat room inhabited by submissives and dominants. Archangel enters and lures Alice into a private conversation, one that throws her beliefs about female empowerment into doubt. In person he is even more enticing, inviting her to his home, but only if she is willing to put her fate in his hands.



Her head was down, her eyes focused on where she was putting her feet. She wasn’t concentrating. Suddenly a hand was over her mouth and her windpipe felt like it was being crushed by an iron bar.

She went into autopilot mode, going completely limp. The additional weight, her group had been told during self-defense training, might knock an assailant off balance, potentially giving the victim a chance to flee. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work that way in practice. Suspended by the arm of her attacker, she felt as if she were being slowly and inexorably strangled. Desperate to relieve the pressure, she scrambled to find her footing.

“I would advise against that.” The voice was soft against her ear, and she remembered something else she’d been told. Try to pinpoint things that will make it easy to recognize her assailant later. Even speech patterns.

She was clawing at both his hand and his arm, twisting and trying to free herself.
“I’m choking,” she croaked through his fingers. It wasn’t strictly true. His hold had already eased a little.

“No, you’re not,” he said. “Will you keep still?”

She made an attempt at nodding.

“Okay. Here’s the rule. There’s only one, so it shouldn’t be too hard to remember.”
Cassie nodded again.

“Don’t move, and that includes trying to turn around.”
She nodded for a third time.

“Good. Just so long as we understand each other.”

The pressure relaxed further. More to the point, the hand over her mouth was gone and she filled her lungs gratefully. “Okay, okay.”

“Keep facing front.”

“Who are you?”

“Just someone passing through.”

She was trying to concentrate, to remember what she had to do, both as part of her job and if things were as bad as they seemed, to stay alive.

“Good guy or bad guy?”

“Depends on whose side you’re on.”


His reaction was almost imperceptible. Had she not been forced up against him she’d never have noticed. So she was right. She tried again.


“Among other places.”

This might not be good. She doubted his time in the army had been spent behind a desk. He was too assertive for that. Plus, he was fit; the muscles of his arm told her that. Hard and unyielding, this guy had been frontline.

Her throat was aching, and she swallowed. “Any chance of a little civilized behavior here?”

“What do you suggest?”

“That you take away your arm altogether.”

“I’d have to trust you to do that.”

“So trust away.”

He laughed. It was a deep, bass sound, and not unpleasant.

“Here’s the deal,” he suggested. “I’ll remove my arm if you agree to stand perfectly still while we engage in a spot of conversation.”


“I’m taking you at your word—the word of a serving police officer.”

Interesting! He must have been watching her yesterday. So why hadn’t he already moved on?

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Convent-educated from the age of four, Galia Ryan was brought up not to question. Perhaps because of this, she has always been fascinated by all things esoteric and “outside the square.” Originally from Sussex, England, and now living in New Zealand with her soul-mate husband and grown-up family, Galia tries to find time between her passions for writing and reading and for her other love—travel. There is always a growing list of must-see places. Galia is the author of the Luxuria Trilogy—Choices, Secrets, and Desires—and two novellas, Forsaking All Others and The Outsider.

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My reviews: 

The Outsider

3.5 out of 5 stars

The Outsider by Galia Ryan is an erotic novella that portrays the events that unfold after Cassie Jonsson, the only female deputy in town, investigates the derelict farm she once played in as a child.  A chance encounter with a stranger draws her into an erotic interlude that seduces more than her body—it threatens her very career, and forces her to take a good look at her life and future.

This gently unfolding tale gives a picture of a woman who is frustrated with the sexism rampant in her workplace and vaguely dissatisfied with both her professional and personal lives.  The carnal interludes that tempt her to discard all that she has been striving for are certainly sizzling but I was a bit taken aback by her decidedly risky behavior and cavalier decisions, although it seems that she is already engaging in less than stellar behavior, both professionally and privately. 

The author’s style is poetic and flowing, and I enjoyed her descriptive phrases, but I was not convinced by the instant connection between the characters or that the intensity of this relationship should have had such a radical effect on the heroine’s actions.  I think the story is more of a teaser and designed to evoke a ‘what if’ reaction to a tale that is more fantasy than realism.

A copy of this title was provided to me for review

Alice After Hours

3.75 out of 5 stars

Alice After Hours is an erotic novella that follows a woman workaholic in London who tentatively explores a Dominance/submission forum with disdain, only to be seduced into trying the lifestyle for herself.
I thought that this story did a very nice job of depicting the gradual foray into a foreign world that challenges the heroine’s preconceptions and expands her sexual horizons.  The sensual assault and gradual introduction to power exchange, uncomplicated by a focus on BDSM, is artfully described and the reader is drawn along on this woman’s journey.  As with the other story I have read by this author, I enjoyed the smoothly flowing prose and the nicely evoked atmosphere, but I am vaguely unsatisfied by the ending and consider it a ‘happy for now’ situation, so I hope that these characters are revisited at some point.  Nonetheless, this is definitely a very sensual story about one woman’s seduction into the submissive lifestyle.

A copy of this title was also provided to me for review.


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