Friday, April 29, 2016

Alien in Chief by Gini Koch (review)

by Gini Koch


As Kitty can tell you, it’s not easy being the wife of the vice president—especially not when he’s an alien from the Alpha Centauri system. But she and her A-C husband, Jeff, have learned how to roll with whatever life and the bad guys throw at them—they think.

When the Alpha Centauri Planetary Council requests a visit with the president and vice president, things look politically dicey. When the most dangerous prisoners in the most secure supermax prison escape with ease, things look bad. But when the Mastermind releases a virus that kills people in a week, things go to Defcon Worse fast.

Now it’s up to Kitty to save everyone important in the U.S. government—including her mother, her husband, and herself—before the virus spreads through the rest of the country, and then the world. Plus she’s facing invisible attackers, crazed assassins, a teenager in hiding, the most dangerous train ride ever, the disappearance of her beloved flyboys, and a mysterious alien who could be an enemy or the ally she needs.

And this time, the Mastermind’s made it very personal. Either he’s going down...or Kitty is.


My review:

4.5 out of 5 stars

Alien in Chief by Gini Koch is book 12 in the ‘Alien’ series.  Kitty and her husband are settling into the vice-presidency roles so of course additional challenges have to disrupt everything!  A mysterious bow-wielding assassin, a train trip to Florida to greet a visiting alien delegation, and all of the mayhem and chaos that goes with thwarting the Mastermind and other enemies provide plenty of opportunity for moves and counter-moves that mobilize allies and enemies alike.  

The wonderful blend of reality and fantastical science fiction adventures provide hours of entertainment in this series that continues to ramp up the excitement while exploring how aliens can get well-assimilated into Earth politics.  The hints being delivered through song choices, the escalation of events that will alter the tenor of human and alien relations, the challenge of trying to defeat the Mastermind without losing allies, the fortuitous provision of an essential piece of equipment that didn’t even require discussion with the refrigerator, plus the use of Poof Approval for vetting folks all add up to another wacky and exciting chronicle of the adventures of Kitty Katt-Martini and hubby and VPOTUS Jeff. 

A train ride to rival any trial under fire, enemies galore, and biological warfare add up to a plethora of changes and unexpected events that aren’t all resolved by the end of this book.  One definitely needs a quick breather to catch up on things, and woe betide you if you forget who is on which side.  Of course, what was true yesterday may not be true tomorrow, so the best thing is to dive in and hang on for a totally wacky ride…but better if you have read the rest of the series so you don’t have such an intense case of whiplash.  This is another fun and hair-raising set of adventures featuring an intrepid and occasionally klutzy but loyal and protective woman who finds a way to utilize all of the resources at her command in order to save the day.  Warning, tissues should be close at hand…if only to deal with the fallout of infectious disease…and I am very relieved that I already have the next book in the series waiting to be consumed!

A copy of this title was provided to me for review which has been offered to Night Owl Reviews 

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  1. That sounds like fun. I like those kinds of stories.

    1. I love this only complaint is that the books are so darn thick, lol, and I have to set aside enough time to read them because once I start, I can't wait to find out what is going to happen! Thanks for visiting, Mary.