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Allied Operations by Tracy Tappan (spotlight, excerpt and review + GIVEAWAY opportunity) ADULT title

Allied Operations
by Tracy Tappan

Note from the author: Some years ago, a good friend of mine (who was in the same naval helicopter squadron as my husband) suffered through a horrific helicopter crash. This book depicts some of the real events of that accident. Please be forewarned that, although the story is ultimately one of triumph, it is heart-wrenching in spots.

Blurb:  Compelled to join an operation by an admiral with a personal agenda, Lieutenant Kyle “Mikey” Hammond finds himself thrust into the harsh desert terrain of northern Pakistan. Four American engineers have been kidnapped, and Kyle is tasked to work with Samantha, a civilian authority on Pakistan, whose expertise in terrorist negotiations is the hostages’ only hope. However, this is just one part of Kyle’s assignment. He’s also operating off a set of top-secret orders that could ruin his military career.

From the outset, Samantha’s negotiations with the terrorists walk the sharp edge between life and death. But she is an expert at such shrewd tactics…tactics that soon begin to mirror her personal dealings with the enigmatic Navy lieutenant. Determined to unearth the true Kyle, Samantha engages in a cat-and-mouse game with him that ends up peeling away some of her own carefully concealed layers. Once both their masks are lowered, love blossoms between them. But when the daring hostage rescue finally gets underway, a horrifying accident nearly shatters everything they’ve worked to attain. Their survival will hinge on the strength of their love…and if the man she’s certain can save the day will become the hero he’s convinced he’s not.

Content warning: contains profanity and adult situations.

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“Dammit.” Kyle moved over to Samantha’s cot and sat down. “I hate doing nothing.”

“Me, too.” She picked up a small, locally made purse off the top of Kitty’s bookshelf and ran her thumb over the colorful Sindhi patchwork design. “But we don’t have a choice. It’s out of our hands.” 

Kyle hefted a large breath and glanced outside the tent door. “Nothing to do around this Deliveranceville aid station, either,” he mused. “I never thought I’d get a hankering for a steel beach barbeque.” 

She laid the purse down. “What’s a steel beach barbeque?” 

“It’s a like a picnic we have sometimes on the ship while we’re underway,” he said, bringing his attention back to her. “We clear the flight deck and put out barbeques, cook up dogs and burgers, maybe set up a basketball hoop in the hangar.”

She smiled. She could imagine Kyle doing all of that. Maybe in a pair of shorts…? “Sounds like a kick.”

He shrugged. “Kills time when we’re not working.”

“I think there’s a movie tonight in the mess tent,” she offered.

“Eleven hours from now,” he complained.

She grabbed a deck of playing cards off Kitty’s second shelf and held it up.

“We could play cards.”

Kyle glanced at the cards, then his gaze moved up to her face, holding there for two beats before slipping to meander down her body. One corner of his mouth lifted. “I think I’ve got a better way to chase off some boredom.” He languidly stretched out on her bed, crossing his legs at the ankles and folding his hands behind his head. The pose displayed a set of wide lats and his beautifully formed biceps to perfection. Not to mention that his crossed legs bunched up the sizable bulge at his crotch. “Let’s have sex.”

She hiked a single brow at him as she lay down the card deck. “Because you’re bored?”

“Because it’s fun,” he countered, his voice softening to a velvety rasp, a teasing light dancing into his eyes.

Hello. The seductive predator from the Jebel Ali Club was back. She sighed to herself. This time, however, she knew what waited for her on the other end of Kyle’s charm. How to let him down easily…? She ran her fingers through her bangs as she considered options. She was a firm believer in truth-telling, but she didn’t want to hurt Kyle’s feelings with an outright, No, thank you, it wasn’t enjoyable for me statement. Because beneath this smooth operator, she’d discovered a man with a lot of heart. I seem to be making a nasty habit of killing people on deployments. She’d never forget the hurt confusion she’d seen flicker over his expression when he’d said that.

He grinned. “You’re not going to start playing shy on me now, are you?”

“No. Just…”

His grin turned into a knowing chuckle.

Oh, boy. “I’m just not a casual hookup woman, Kyle. I’d never had a one-night stand before you, so…” She broke off. Drat. She hadn’t wanted to spill that.

“You are trying to play shy,” he said, his words interwoven with continued laughter. “Look, honey, I know you had a good time with me.”


“A guy can tell these things, especially a man like me whose equipment is…hmm, how shall I put it?” His hands whipped out from behind his head and he shot up onto his elbows, his eyes narrowing down to tight slits.

“What the hell?”

She startled. “What?” Talk about a sudden mood change. “What’s what the hell?

“You did something with your mouth.”

I did? “My mouth?” What had she done?

“You grimaced.”


He swung up to a sitting position, his boots hitting the floor with a solid wump. “Did I hurt you?”

Mayday, mayday. Hard collision with his male ego imminent. “No. It was, uh, a little uncomfortable at first, but then—hey!”

He’d just slammed to his feet, his eyes on fire with a mixture of emotions. Pissed off was a prominent one, but she was reasonably sure she also saw mortified in there.

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My review

4.5 out of 5 stars

Allied Operations” by Tracy Tappan is part of the ‘Wings of Gold’ series and features Lieutenant Kyle (Mikey) Hammond, who has been assigned to a mission to help with hostage release negotiations from terrorists in Pakistan.  Forced to work with a civilian he reluctantly finds himself attracted to, Mikey must face both physical and emotional dangers as he tries to find a way to complete his mission successfully, but things don’t always go as expected, no matter how carefully plans are laid.

One of the key elements to presenting a compelling story is the ability to create a vividly realistic story that grabs the reader and immerses him or her in the action.  This author excels at providing an exciting roller coaster ride that combines danger, passion, emotionalism, and a glimpse of the crucible that hones those who serve to defend and protect.  I am appreciative of the myriad of details that give only a small portion of the military experience even as I ache for the sacrifice and steep price paid by these loyal and brave men and women.  The very first story in this terrific military romance series drew me in, and they have continued to enthrall me even as I am saddened by various revelations about the characters, who seem determined to prove the adage, ‘that which does not kill us makes us stronger’.  Be warned, both tissues and a strong stomach will undoubtedly be required for this exciting story, as well as enough time to savor a tale that will be hard to put down.  I look forward to more tales about these imperfect, yet loyal and courageous folks!
A copy of this story was provided to me for review purposes.

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