Sunday, April 10, 2016

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and fangirl moments!

Well, unusual for Southern California, we have cloudy overcast skies today (better than yesterday, when it was alternating rain and drizzles) but it isn't dimming my enthusiasm (yet, lol).  I had looked at the authors attending a few weeks ago, and was going to be lazy and not go (as opposed to being too cheap to drive to Las Vegas and interact with some of my favorite romance authors!), but then I saw that Sylvia Day was being featured on one of the panels...and while researching that, I discovered that one of my favorite fantasy authors, the VERY prolific Mercedes Lackey was also going to be speaking!

Wow!  She and the late Anne McCaffrey are two of my very favorite fantasy authors, and I have always waffled between whether I would want my very own Bronze Dragon or to be linked to a Companion.  These two women helped my imagination soar while exposing me to a wealth of different social issues while entertaining me.  I was delighted to see that Mercedes Lackey's 'The Last Herald Mage' trilogy has been re-released as a single volume, and am looking forward to re-reading it for review.  That was probably my first m/m story, and stayed with me for a very long time, just because of the drama portrayed so strikingly. is my day to get ridiculously tongue-tied, I have retrieved one of my copies of "Arrows of the Queen" (yes, I wanted to be one of the Queen's Own), as well as one of the 'Serrated Edge' novels and I was reminded of all of the great characters Ms. Lackey introduced me to (the hertasi, Shin a' in, hawkbrothers, those in the Elemental magic series, and so many more)...which is one of the reason there is not much room on my bookshelves, lol, and I look forward to at least getting a picture of this fantastic and fascinating author!

And to add icing on top, the wonderful Brenda Novak received an award, and she should be signing as well!


The perpetually busy Brenda Novak has a new book coming out in the Whiskey Creek series...


And then there's the sizzling erotic tales by Sylvia Day for ADULTS only!


Yep, this should be a great day!

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