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Romantic Times Booklovers Convention spotlight on Zuri Davis


Hordes of romance lovers are descending on Las Vegas for the 2016 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention.  As a treat for those of us who are remaining at home, I have the pleasure of sharing an interview with one of the authors who is attending, Zuri Day, plus a spotlight on her most recent book Packing Heat
If you're in the area, don't forget the massive booksigning that is open to the public (ticket purchase required).  More info at this link.

And, here's Zuri...graciously answering a few questions!

What is your favorite snack? Favorite comfort food?

Answering this question makes me feel like simple Sally! LOL! Because for me, nothing can beat a roasted, unsalted peanut in the shell or bag of unbuttered popcorn. Yup. That’s it.

Which flower are you most like and why?

Aww…I love flowers, and have to choose two. First, the bird of paradise. It’s exotic, beautiful, but also has the quirky look of a slightly perturbed duck! But also the ylang-ylang. So pretty and dainty, in an odd sort of way. It’s oil is medicinal, it’s most widely known property that of an antidepressant. Whether with me or at me, if we spend a little time together you’ll laugh!

Which book would you want most to rewrite and what would you change?

While there are always tweaks that can make any novel better, there isn’t a book I’d totally rewrite or dramatically change.

What was the scariest research that you have done for a book?

Hmm…two novels come to mind. In Body By Night the story opens with the heroine waking up in emergency. Later, she’s diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and high blood pressure. The number of people affected by these two diseases is staggering. That both are hugely impacted by diet and exercise, and are largely either treatable and/or preventable, and that so many people are still losing their lives to them, was both scary and eye-opening. The other book is Packing Heat – not because the research itself was scary but because none of the postal workers interviewed wanted their name in the book! I wanted to acknowledge them but they were too afraid someone they knew might read it! LOL!

Who is the person who has helped you the most on your journey to becoming an author.

That “person” would have to be Spirit. Without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without a belief in and help from a Higher Power that is much greater than myself.

What message do you want people to take away from your stories?

I write each story to inspire, educate and entertain. To believe that true love is possible and does exist, and that there are real life heroes walking among us every day.

What was a piece of advice you were given when first starting out that stuck with you?

To study the art of writing romance and to join RWA!

What do you like to do to unwind after finishing a deadline?

A nice glass of wine and a short trip to someplace beautiful…with no computer!

Who’s your favorite character from one of your stories, and why?

I could never choose just one of my boys but Ransom sticks out as a favorite. He’s into older women, juggled owning a construction company and being a single parent all while looking like a god!!!

What’s next for you?

Turning my books into movies! And, as a creative artist who worked as an actor for many years, hopefully being in them! Even if it’s just an anonymous cameo, like Alfred Hitchcock used to do…J


Packing Heat 

BlurbNothing invigorates the five Carter brothers more than an honest day's work--and the right woman to come home to at night…

Douglas Carter never expected the summer job he took at the post office ten years ago to become his career. But now, at twenty-eight, he has zero regrets. He's happy to have a regular paycheck, good friends, and a sweet plan for retiring early.  If only his cute but oh-so-uptight new coworker felt as content as he does…

Janice Baker only works at the post office out of necessity. Her real dream is to become a singer. At thirty, she may be considered over the hill in the entertainment industry, but that just gives her a sense of urgency--and a resolve to date only men of means and ambition. Douglas is obviously not a candidate, despite his good looks. Yet as work forces them to get closer, they discover there's far more to each other than meets the eye--and that two actually work better than one--on and off the job…

Amazon link


Author bio:

Zuri Day is the national bestselling author of almost two dozen novels, including the popular Drakes of California series and the fan favorite Morgan Men Trilogy, which earned her a coveted PW starred review. With her latest series, BlueCollar Lovers, Publishers Weekly wrote, “Day is boldly bucking the billionaire trend,” and named the first release, Driving Heat, a Spring, 2014 Top 10 Romance across all romance genres.  Day is a winner of EMMA and AALAS (African-American Literary Award Show) Best Romance awards, among others, and a multiple Romantic Times Best Multi-Cultural Fiction finalist. Her work has been featured in several national publications including RT Booklovers, Publishers Weekly, Sheen, Juicy, and USA Today. Find out more at

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