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Expert Witness by Nicole Luckourt (spotlight, excerpt, review and GIVEAWAY) GFT

by Nicole Luckourt


GENRE: Romantic Suspense



While working as a forensic psychologist, Jordan Clayton has made enemies. Providing expert testimony in court put her in that position. Except, now, someone wants her dead, and the bigger problem is she has no idea who. Fortunately, her colleagues have a solution. Unfortunately, it involves hiring a bodyguard to protect her until the perpetrator is caught. But he is nothing like she expected. Though she feels physically safer in his presence, emotionally, she feels more at risk than ever before. 
Chase Armstrong has worked as a protection specialist since he left law enforcement. He makes it a point to not ever mix business with pleasure. In his line of work, the two can be a deadly combination. It’s a rule he never breaks—never even bends. Except, now, his latest assignment is challenging his resolve. Rather than the subtle change in routine he was seeking, protecting her is something else entirely. She has him not only exercising every bit of self-control he possesses, but reconsidering his entire perspective on life as well.  

A debut novel of intriguing psychological suspense, forbidden attraction and perseverance.



It was all Jordan could do to suppress the bitter laughter caught in her throat. "If you’re asking if anyone in my personal life may be connected with this, then the answer is no." She didn't feel the need to expand on her skimpy private life. "In regards to people in my professional life, you can take your pick."

She’d made enemies. It came with the territory.

"I’m involved in litigation on a daily basis. I regularly testify at child custody, competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, personal injury, and sentencing hearings. Just to name a few.” Even though the ultimate decisions were often left to the trier of the fact, as an impartial expert witness, the scientific information and opinions she provided during her testimony usually loaned support to one side or the other. “The findings I offer in some of these cases can make people very angry. Angry enough to do something like this? I honestly don't know. It would depend on the person." She let out a breath, her shoulders sagging at this admission.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Nicole Luckourt currently writes contemporary romance and young adult books. Expert Witness is her debut novel. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, two children, and several beloved pets. Her practice in the field of psychology inspires her writing and she is thrilled to be able to combine her two passions.





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My review

3.5 out of 5 stars

Expert Witness by Nicole Luckourt is a contemporary romantic suspense tale that centers around psychologist Dr. Jordan Clayton as she deals with threats that are endangering her life.  Chase Armstrong owns a personal security agency and has connections to one of Jordan’s partners, so he is happy to act as her bodyguard but not so happy about his sense of connection to her, which brings up unresolved feelings of guilt. Danger mounts, but so does their mutual attraction, until the question becomes whether the biggest danger is from without or within, and will Jordan survive long enough to learn the answer?

This is an entertaining suspense story that includes a simmering romance that is very discreetly dealt with.  I enjoyed getting a glimpse of the varied aspects of a psychology practice and it was intriguing to see the other side of the coin of being consulted as an expert in any given field. The characters were a bit superficial for me and I thought that some of the progression of events were a bit unrealistic but the overall story was enjoyable. There are editing issues that need to be addressed but this was a good start for a new author and I look forward to reading other exciting stories from her.

A copy of this title was provided to me for review


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