Monday, February 10, 2020

Australia Burns (The Wild Rose Press Charity Anthology) Vol. 1, featuring D.V. Stone's "911, What's Your Emergency?"

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As I've said before...

I am proud to announce that the generous folks at The Wild Rose Press...from authors to editors to the owners...have compiled a three-volume anthology to raise money to help the poor folks in Australia. The authors (48, I believe!) donated a short story and the staff busted their buns to get them ready for publication in a matter of weeks.

I will be hosting an official post three days before the books are released (February 14, 2020), but I wanted to share excerpts from some of the short stories I was privileged to read. I will post over the next few days and I ask that you help spread the word. 

Ideally, purchasing directly from The Wild Rose Press will garner the most money for the fund, since there will not be the cut that goes to AMZ, but unfortunately, the shipping is fairly steep unless several copies are being purchased.

Australia Burns, Volume One (Show Australia Some Love)

911, What's Your Emergency?
D.V. Stone


The sun lit the horizon in pinks and purples, chasing away the dark blue of night. It was almost time for them to turn the keys over to the day shift. Joanna snored lightly from the passenger side.
Shay yawned. After the long night, she was tired. But it was a good tired, knowing she made a difference in people’s lives. 

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And, I'm please to announce that D.V. Stone will be releasing her story, Rock House Grill, also from The Wild Rose Press. Stay tuned, release is expected in April, 2020!


  1. Hi Elf,
    Thanks for the time to talk about Australian Wildfire relief. It's amazing what citizens of the world can accomplish when we set our minds to something.
    D. V. 🦉

    1. I am in awe at the way this project came together. Good luck on your upcoming release! I look forward to hearing what readers think of Shay and her adventures.

  2. Hi D V
    Looking forward to reading your story, sounds very intriguing!

  3. i'll be sharing this one too. love the cover, but hate what is happening there. good luck with the tour
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. I think the covers are striking, aren't they? Good to see you, sherry!