Friday, February 14, 2020

Australia Burns (The Wild Rose Press Charity Anthology) Vol. 2, featuring Gabbi Grey's "A Lark"

Image by Ahmed Hussein from Pixabay

Just in case you've missed all of the times I've said this before, here it is again...

The generous folks at The Wild Rose Press...from authors to editors to the owners...have compiled a three-volume anthology to raise money to help the poor folks in Australia. The authors (48, I believe!) donated a short story and the staff busted their buns to get them ready for publication in a matter of weeks.

I wanted to share excerpts from some of the short stories I was privileged to read. I will post over the next few days and I ask that you help spread the word. 

Ideally, purchasing directly from The Wild Rose Press will garner the most money for the fund, since there will not be the cut that goes to AMZ, but unfortunately, the shipping is fairly steep unless several copies are being purchased.

Australia Burns: Show Australia Some Love, Vol. 2

The Lark
Gabbi Grey

Shelby was reaching for the door handle when Lark placed a hand on her arm, stilling her. Turning to meet her lover’s gaze, Shelby sucked in a breath at the intensity she met.
“I really  missed you, Shel. More than I can say.”
God damn, no more tears. “I missed you too. Skype is great, but having you here is better.” Never mind that there’d been only two Skype sessions and half a dozen calls over the whole two months. Lark had been on the front lines for most of that time with little rest. When she had time off, she tended to crash , sleep for hours, inhale some food, then go right back to sleep. Shelby understood, but it didn’t stop her from wanting more contact.

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And...Gabbi has a new book being released next week...a delicious gay paranormal romance

My Past, Your Future
ADULT title 
Gabbi Grey

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  1. Thank you for sharing and being part of the great project.

    1. You're welcome. Thank you for participating!

  2. cool image. i share australia burns too
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Aren't those neat roses? There are so many great images that people have put on Pixabay. I appreciate their willingness to share. Thanks for visiting, sherry!