Saturday, February 15, 2020

Austtralia Burns (The Wild Rose Press Charity Anthology) Vol. 1 featuring Darcy Lundeen's "The Relaxation Response"

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As I've said before...

I am proud to announce that the generous folks at The Wild Rose Press...from authors to editors to the owners...have compiled a three-volume anthology to raise money to help the poor folks in Australia. The authors (48, I believe!) donated a short story and the staff busted their buns to get them ready for publication in a matter of weeks.

I wanted to share excerpts from some of the short stories I was privileged to read. I will post over the next few days and I ask that you help spread the word. 

Ideally, purchasing directly from The Wild Rose Press will garner the most money for the fund, since there will not be the cut that goes to AMZ, but unfortunately, the shipping is fairly steep unless several copies are being purchased.

Australia Burns, Volume One (Show Australia Some Love)

The Relaxation Response
Darcy Lundeen


The elevator lurched to a stop, putting a merciful end to the conversation, and he let her get out first, then followed as he nodded politely to her.

“Well, good night.” 

“Good night.” Janie stopped before her door.

As she fished in her bag for her key, she cautiously watched him from the corner of her eye to see where he went. He paused at an apartment four doors away. Ah. That was where he lived. Apartment 8-E.

Janie entered her foyer and closed the door behind her. Down the hall, his door closed, too. She shook her head with regret. What a shame he was like so many of the other rising young executive-types she’d met, all smooth lines and polished surfaces.

For a moment, the possibility crossed her mind that perhaps she might be wrong, perhaps he might somehow be different underneath, maybe a little less sophisticated and secure than he seemed.

“After all, you can’t always judge a book by its cover,” she intoned softly as she kicked off her shoes and hurried into the living room to describe the latest, totally boring events of the day to her two fishy confidants.

But it was just a passing thought, and in the case of people like Glenn Spencer, she wasn’t really sure that she believed it.

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  1. Thank you, ELF, for giving your time and incredible expertise to this wonderful cause.

    1. Thank YOU, Darcy, for your generosity in contributing a story!

  2. i shared this one too. it's great what the authors are doing
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Thanks, sherry! Your support is greatly appreciated!