Thursday, May 24, 2012

For Adults Only

Please only read if you are 18 or over.

I have read several enjoyably spicy books recently.  A few have rather edgy erotic scenes so make sure you read the blurbs before you decide whether to purchase if you tend to shy away from kinky sex.
Jaymie Holland (the spicier alter-ego of Cheyenne McCray) has a series of novellas called 'The Auction'.  Thus far I have enjoyed Sold and Claimed

Shiloh Walker has Bound Temptations.  Both were written with her usual flair for combining intense emotion and searing intimate encounters.

Tamara Hogan has a new title Chase Me being released so I have also recently read Taste Me which started the seriesI actually enjoyed Taste Me  a great deal and probably will have to go back and re-read Chase Me since I read it without the background that will undoubtedly enhance my enjoyment.

Marissa Day will soon be releasing another of her erotic paranormal Regency titles, Fascinated. Yum!  (Update:  It released on June 5 and my post is at this link)

Opal Carew has a new title that released on May 30... 
Debt of Honor

And...Shiloh Walker is writing under a new pseudonym as J.C. Daniels and has a new release, Sexy Little Surprises



  1. Sounds like fun, thanks for the heads up.

  2. I keep trying to win a of these