Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kathryne Kennedy titles being re-released

Enchanting the Lady   

by Kathryne Kennedy is the first in her intriguing 'Merlin's Relics' series and is being re-released in August.  The sequels, Double Enchantment and Enchanting the Beast will be re-released after that. Even better, there is a fourth book in the magical series (Everlasting Enchantment) that will be ready some time next year!  This is a fun series that combines Victorian England and its requisite strictures and aristocratic divisions with a world that has alluring shape-changers and magic users.  The series is tied together by various artifacts that each have aspects of magic imbued in them by the great wizard, Merlin himself.  A lot of imaginative elements are combined with sensual characters to provide an entertaining read.


  1. I've been so far behind in my reading but I do like the wizards and magic in some books out recently.

  2. These are a little different from most of the ones I have read in that they combine erotica, magic and Regency England.