Saturday, January 18, 2014

Airborne gummies (review) plus some contests (updated)

                               's cold and flu season again so we all have our favorite ways of avoiding germs (hopefully) and keeping our immune systems boosted.  I am pretty fanatic about using those little wipes that many of the stores provide (which I GREATLY appreciate) but I also carry around my little bottle of sanitizer and try to put some on my hands after I have been in the store or anywhere else that I am touching things that a lot of people have touched.  One of the other things I like to do is use Airborne.  I used to use the effervescent powder which I mixed with a small amount of water and it was a great way to get both liquid and Vitamin C and Zinc into my system.  I believe that this is a great way to support my immune system, especially since I don't eat a lot of fruit or drink a lot of juice!  I had the chance to try the gummies version through something called can see the site by checking out the link

Unfortunately, I asked for the 'Assorted Fruit Flavors' and discovered that I am not particularly fond of the grapefruit ones.  I have tried the chewable citrus tablets and I like those the best.  (Yes, I am a kid at heart and those make me think of those tart chewable candies that I used to love to consume).  So...out of all of them...I like those the best!


There are several contests that I have run into of which is for Sarah Mäkelä and friends who are running specials on some of their titles this weekend (and they look yummy)...I get entries if you click on the link...

There is a Winter Wonder Man blog hop, you can start with the delightful Nancy Gideon's blog...

Don't forget the Romance Books 4 Us Cold Snow, Hot Romance contest and visit the blog where there are giveaways going on!

Lisa Renee Jones has a special price on Being Me and lots of different contests and announcements on her blog.

Collette Cameron is celebrating her anniversary at her blog, Blue Rose Romance with lots of great prizes

Feel free to mention others in the comments as you find them.


  1. That's very cool that you got in on that Smiley360 mission. I haven't take Airborne but I do use the hand sanitizer. Thanks for letting us know about the contests.

    1. It's the first one I have done, I usually am too late to get any or they aren't appropriate for me, not to mention the fact that I don't Tweet or use FB...
      Good luck on the contests...there are a lot of fun ones out there. I will try to update as I find more!