Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Interesting links plus a few contests

I grow many of my plants in large containers. Being disorganized (and somewhat lazy) I tend to stick things in the pot and not pay attention to marking the plants. Of course the end result is something like this...there is basil in the foreground,  a tomato plant in the background, and a mystery plant with long green leaves in the middle. Hopefuly, one of these days I'll discover what it is, lol.

I came across this yesterday, and it's a perfect time since my life has been REALLY stressful the past few months...

Mindfulness for Beginners

There's always something that provides me with a quick laugh or a brief break (hence the name, lol) on this site...Dailybreak

The Bing homepage has a beautiful picture every day (and one can accrue points by searching and taking quizzes!)


Romance Books '4' Us has the May Flowers contest

VERY busy author Caris Roane has informative articles several times a week plus giveaways of the beautiful bracelets she makes! Her blog is at this link (but be warned, the pages are sometimes very busy and take a while to load)

Night Owl Reviews has a contest page at this link

Follow the Goddess Fish tours, there are plenty of giveaways!

Feel free to leave other ones you have found in the comments...

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  1. Looking forward to learning about your mystery plant. Happy growing and meditating.