Saturday, May 5, 2018

Saturday Seven: Favorite young adult fantasy and science fiction series

As usual, I am stretching the seven as some of my favorite authors are overachievers and have more than one series to follow. Thank you to Long and Short Reviews for the hop ideas!

These are some of my favorite young adult science fiction and fantasy series...

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

There were certain books I reread every year, well into my college years, and this was one series. Even after I learned all of the religious implications I still treasured the imagination that went into these stories.


Songs of the Lioness/The Immortals/The Legend of Beka Cooper

I loved the heroine working her way through the arduous process of becoming a knight in Alanna's stories. The magical creatures in the second series were fascinating and even better, that one connected to the first series. Personally, I was not happy with the way Beka's series ended, but I enjoyed the books up to that point!


Acorna by Anne McCaffrey.
I was enchanted by all of this author's series, but this was such a fun twist on the unicorn legends, especially since it was set in outer space!

The Chronicles of Elantra/Queen of the Dead/House War series by Michelle Sagara. I think this author's talent at world-building is superb and have lost many an hour reading and rereading some of the books of these series, although I have not quite managed to read all of them.


A Wrinkle in Time
(and, yes, I DID like the movie, although I wish less time and money had been spent on costume changes for the women, lol)

Ender's Game
I thought this was a great series and enjoyed the twists and turns. The author's other series was intriguing as well but the religious overtones became a bit too heavy for me.

Jennifer Estep, Mythos Academy series. Fun twists on traditional mythological figures.

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  1. A Wrinkle in Time is ancient -- definitely predates the genre label "YA"! I read it back when I was a teenager (and loved it). I should revisit it.

    Of course that's true of the Narnia books as well (that they were not necessarily written with young adults in mind).

    As for Ender's Game and the sequels (e.g. Speaker for the Dead), I would not label them as Young Adult, just because the main character is a teen at the start. I have always viewed those as serious sci fi.

    BTW my Saturday Seven (plus a book giveaway) is here:

  2. You've named some of my fave YA books, though I never did read Tamora Pierce. My other fave YA Fantasies are The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander and The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper. Thanks!

  3. It looks like we have very similar taste in books! I'm so glad you liked the film version of A Wrinkle in Time. I've heard mixed reviews about it, but I still want to see it for myself.

    Thanks for stopping by my Saturday Seven post last night: