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Voice For The Silent Fathers by Eddie K. Wright (VBT, guest post, excerpt, and GIVEAWAY) GFT

It is my pleasure to share a guest post by author Eddie K. Wright, who answers my question... 

ELF:  What was the most difficult thing to overcome on your path to becoming a published author and how did you conquer it?

EKW:  I've been incarcerated in a maximum federal penitentiary for over a decade.  USP Canaan is one of the most violent prisons in America.  Finding the time to write isn't a problem, with the constant lock downs for weeks or even months at a time.  I'm trapped in a 6 by 10 dungeon with a cellmate for 24 hours, only to be let out for a shower once every three days, so there's plenty of time to write.

I'm faced with implements that others aspiring authors don't have with getting published.  Typing alone on the federal bureau of prisons computers cost me five cents a minute.  Yes, learning how to type fast was mandatory.  But oh.... What publishing company wants to sign an author that can't go on book tours, and must limit phone interviews to 15 minutes, interrupted by two separate recordings reminding the listener that I'm in a federal prison?  What about missing deadlines because I'm unable to even get to the computer or phone since one convict stabbed another over changing the channel during "Keeping up with the Kardashians."

I stayed positive and optimistic pursuing my dream of being published, knowing that everything God does is for the best.  I choose the self-publishing route and my sister took the lead turning our obstacles into opportunities.  There are still strenuous challenges, but we worked through them to get the job done.

I write with the spiritual content, expressing the power of positive thinking.  I've found peace and comfort in my relationship with God, sharing my understanding with others through my writing.  I like to post content that inspires my readers to have an attitude of gratitude since there is so much to be grateful for.

After I get my two hour morning workout in, wash up and get ready for my 2nd cup of coffee, I pull my chair in front of my bottom bunk that I use for as my desk, place my wireless notebook and blue Bic pen on the light tan cotton blanket that's covered with ink marks from the day before and enter a magical zone where I'm free.

My creative juices flow with every sip of black coffee as I experience the joy and happiness writing brings. I'm transformed into the world of my mind, shutting out the concrete walls, chain linked fences and guards standing on watch towers holding AR-15's.  Writing has been my key to freedom.

I published Voice for the Silent Fathers and made history by being the first proud father to ever write about having a homosexual son.  In this day and age, the topic is still taboo, especially among men.  I had a macho gangster mindset that had a difficult time accepting my sons 'alternative way of life'.  I knew he was gay as a kid, with his favorite color pink, painting his nails red and talking like a girl.  But those were also obstacles that I had to overcome and learn to accept to appreciate the real meaning of unconditional love.

Oh, that acceptance didn't happen overnight.  That would have led to a short book. Voice for the Silent Fathers reveals the full detailed journey, pushing all your emotional buttons, as any a great story should.

To aspiring writers or those interested in the path to publishing, trust and believe that If the Gangster Turned Guru can figure out a way to get published, then there is no way that you can't!!


by Eddie K. Wright


GENRE: Memoir



In his memoir, Eddie shares his story of becoming a father at 18 years old who realized his son was showing ‘stereotypical’ signs of being gay while still in diapers. Spending most of his adult life engulfed in the street gangster/hip-hop culture where this subject was not only hushed but deeply frowned upon, he gives us the voice for what’s been kept silent for far too long, confronting almost every aspect of this taboo topic. It took years for him to silently accept his son’s homosexuality himself, regardless of all the signs. When his son was five years old, his favorite color was pink and there was nothing Dad could do about it. By the age of fourteen; he was an internet sensation, dancing on YouTube building his fan base to guarantee his success when performing as a drag queen a few years later. Eddie addresses the questions most are scared to ask; Was there anything I could do to stop my son’s homosexuality? When did I know my son was gay? What made him that way? Parents will find comfort in reading that Eddie admits that his son’s feminine behaviors embarrassed him and he seriously contemplated abandonment, a choice that too many fathers feel they have to choose.

He shares witnessing the desperation in the eyes of fathers, from all walks of life, who have pulled him aside, away from listening ears wanting to know the answers to these frequently asked questions, agonizing the possibilities that their son might be gay.


Intro Excerpt: 

“Was there anything I could do to stop my son’s homosexuality? When did I know my son was gay? What made him that way? I've witnessed the desperation in the eyes of fathers, from all walks of life, who have pulled me aside, away from listening ears, wanting to know the answers to their questions, analyzing the possibilities of why their son might be gay, some weren’t even sure that their sons were gay.

Mothers seem to be more liberal about their son’s decisions to choose what makes them happy in life, and most importantly, "who" they share their lives with. However, for fathers, nine times out of ten, the topic is taboo. Especially the fathers who I've met in Federal prison or on the opposite end of the spectrum working with celebrities in the entertainment business.

I can tell you this though, I never thought I would write a book and never a book on a topic like this, but life is funny that way. I found myself raising a son at 18 years old; I was still a kid myself, with a baby boy headed down that taboo highway. I was confused, frustrated, and angry at the world. "Why me?" I often thought in those early days... “Why has life thrown me this crazy curve ball?”…


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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

First time author Eddie K. Wright is a fitness trainer, Yoga instructor, spiritual motivational speaker and an inmate at a federal prison.  His personal transformation upon realizing the Universal laws and love of life, supports his conviction in his "Gangster to Guru" book series. The premier release Voice for the Silent Fathers details the struggle and inner conflict with being the parent of a homosexual child in the day, and a known connected gangster at night. Overcoming his "No son of mine" mentality, by realizing the true meaning of unconditional love wasn't easy, but his deep insight, heartfelt honesty, and 'laugh to keep from crying' attitude, makes for a humorous read for anyone touched by this issue which means it's for everyone!


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