Sunday, October 28, 2018

Rise of the Seer by Brandon Barr (Special pricing and somber news)

Brandon Barr


A god-gifted young woman is chosen for a grim task– one that will take her beyond the boundaries of her own world. Winter’s chilling visions of the future make clear that her choices will not only affect the success of her mission… but whether those she loves will live or die.

On the distant world of Hearth, Meluscia is the daughter of a dying king. As he wages a bitter war in the north, a growing evil devours the villages of the east. She would turn her kingdom’s forces to face the emerging threat– but first, she must gain the throne… and confront the secret desire that torments her soul.

Though worlds apart, Meluscia and Winter’s destinies are bound together by portals and an ancient prophecy that promises to pull friend and foe together in a devastating collision.

An excellent choice for fans of Anne McCaffrey and Terry Brooks. RISE OF THE SEER is Book One in the Song of the Worlds series.

Hit the buy, borrow, or one-click button to discover an epic that’ll grab hold of you and never let go…

Special price of $.99 (please check price before purchasing)
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Some of you who are fantasy fans may already be familiar with Brandon Barr's personal story. Sadly, his talents are about to be lost to us as he is end-stage. His author friends have banded together to help get his final series launched, and the initial book is on sale. The other two books in the series can be pre-ordered.

Author Susan Faw (and others) sent the following appeal in her newsletter:

Unfortunately, the leukemia has returned, and this time, there is no further treatment available. Brandon has been told that he will die, and that he has as little as a month to live. 
Brandon is one of the bravest men I know. Knowing that his death is imminent, his friends in the author community have stepped up to complete his life's work, helping him to finish his five book fantasy series and launch it on his behalf.
We, indie authors all, have volunteered to carry the torch for Brandon, his wife, and his three young boys.  


We need your help to do this. 
Brandon's new epic fantasy series is launching right now. 

I am asking you to buy them all. Every last book in The Song Of The Worlds Series.  

But not only that, I am asking that you donate to the Go Fund Me account that has been set up in his name. These funds will go directly to his widow and children, to help support them in the difficult days, weeks and months ahead. It will go toward the raising of Brandon's children and help fund their kid's college years. 

The good that will come from this small donation will aid a wonderful family in their most desperate hour.

Additional information, including a link to his GoFundMe page can be found here

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that about Brandon but it's great his friends are helping him in that way.