Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another Word with Friends Addict

Got distracted tonight by the news that Alec Baldwin was kicked off an airline flight because he refused to turn off his iPad, being in the middle of a game of Word With Friends (my absolute favorite game).  It is my understanding that the plane was actually still at the gate so the man did not seem to be endangering everyone else but I am sure that news will continue to trickle down about the events that led up to the eviction.  Sounds like another tempest in a teapot...but I think that this is another instance of the "pain-body" interaction that Eckart Tolle and Oprah like to discuss.  There are so many people who react hostilely to being told to do something that they think they should be exempt from and then things begin to escalate.  Oh well, I wonder if I'll ever meet the man on the Words With Friends site...I figure I won't run into Oprah because she likes the brand name product but who knows who else I could be trying to trounce?

Back to focusing on the reviews that I should be writing.  I received an ARC that is so poorly proofread that I lose track of the story in some points...really disconcerting to try to read.  Although I am quite aware that there are necessarily some errors in an ARC (advanced reading copy), I think that multiple errors on every page for the first 54 pages is a little excessive.  My only concern is that there are so many errors that there is a greater likelihood that some will be missed during the rush to publication.  Having a really bad case of procrastination so that four reviews had to be written today, good thing all of the books had been read but a tiny bit of a scramble to get a well-crafted review done with so many contests and blogs distracting me.  Gotta run...


  1. Seems you can get kicked off a plane now a days for just about anything.