Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eek...time is running out

It's hard to believe that Christmas is on Sunday.  Sadly, I managed to get Christmas cards to some of the soldiers into the mail but haven't managed to send ones out to everyone else that I owe cards.  Then, there are all of the medical appointments to keep in order to take advantage of the fact that we have surpassed our exorbitant deductible for the year!  Oh well, at least most of my friends are used to the fact that I am a procrastinator and I will eventually get around to giving them their gifts (hopefully by Christmas of 2012!) but I make no promises about the cards, lol.

I read someone else's blog which complained that there was no time to read and I second the emotion!  I am squeezing in a little bit of reading but then I haven't gotten around to writing the reviews for most of them.  Previews of coming attractions...C.J. Cherryh's Deceiver (which is book 11 of the Foreigner series) and reminds us of her dexterity in world-building as she continues the saga of the complicated Atevi society; A Lady Awakened by Cecilia Grant, a regency romance with a twist (thank you to Goodreads for the giveaway); Sharon Page's novella, Sinful (thank you Ms. Page for the giveaway)My TBR stack is getting higher and many books to drool over, lol.


  1. LOL my hubby was gone for a whole wee and I was able to read 7 books while he was gone because he wasn't here to keep interrupting me.

  2. Wow...must have been nice in that way (although I am sure it was much more quiet than you were used to). My library runneth over, especially with all of the wonderful books that I won this month...I just would like to get off of the treadmill long enough to read them! but...there's always next year.