Friday, December 30, 2011

SEAL of My Dreams

SEAL of My Dreams is a must read for all who are fans of those amazing men who constantly challenge themselves to form such an elite force.  It is an anthology filled with poignant stories that point out the extreme sacrifice; physically, mentally and emotionally, that these heroes make to help keep the rest of us safe and secure.  The sobering reminder of the damage to psyches as well as the more visible physical injuries that remain is leavened by the romantic stories which primarily have "happy for now" endings.  I couldn't bear to slight any of the authors by not mentioning them and my review became longer and longer so I will post my summary here.  I will warn those tender-hearted readers that I was so touched by the final story that I was unable to tell it to my husband without choking up for days afterward.  My review for Night Owl Romance is at this link

My longer summary: 
‘Coming Home’ by Jami Alden reminds us that the adage “you can’t go home again” rings true for most people so that opportunities must be grasped when they are available and everyone changes somehow over the years.  ‘Baby I’m Back’ by Stephanie Bond vividly reminds us of the pain suffered by the survivors of war, both mentally and physically, and the long road that is often required for rehabilitation and healing to take place.  ‘SEALed Fates’ by Kylie Brant also deals with an injured veteran who must deal with his disabilities even as he uses his specialized training to deal with a more local threat.  ‘Going Dark’ by Helen Brenna conjures up the dangers faced by those who are on the periphery of any conflict and the efforts that those who serve make to protect the bystanders, even at great personal risk.  ‘Finding Home’ by HelenKay Dimon also reminds us of the dangers faced by those in embassies while Cindy Gerard gives an exciting Black Ops, Inc. story with ‘SEALed With a Kiss’ that shows that honeymoons can have their share of danger.   ‘Panama Jack’ by Tara Janzen is a suspense-laden short story that combines a SEAL, an exotic setting and an intrepid CIA agent.  A couple who met a world away under a stressful situation find each other again in ‘Wrapped and SEALed’ by Leslie Kelly.  Elle Kennedy’s ‘Worth the Risk’ and Alison Kent’s ‘Twenty-One Hours’ both deal with missed opportunities and what can be done to rectify the lack.  ‘Not Waving But Drowning’ by Jo Leigh deals with the mental trauma that accompanies the horrors of war and the importance of a support system.  ‘Her Secret Pirate’ by Gennita Low fits into her ‘Crossfire SEAL series’ and gives a heartstopping glimpse of one of the many dangerous missions that SEALs are faced with as does ‘SEALed by Fate’ by Marliss Melton.  ‘Signed, SEALed and Delivered...I’m Yours’ by Christie Ridgway touches on the sacrifices made by those who fall in love with the heroes that continue to face danger daily.  ‘Dog Heart’ by Barbara Samuel explores the damage to psyches that survivors of war experience, whether they walk on two legs or four.  Roxanne St. Claire’s ‘Whirlwind’ combines the chaos of a hurricane with a SEAL who arrives in the nick of time to rescue a hunted woman and Stephanie Tyler tells a tale connected to her ‘Hold’ Series in ‘Holding On’ as one of the  SEAL brothers is about to become a father.  ‘Letters to Ellie’ by Loreth Anne White is the most difficult and poignant tale of the collection as it brings home the inescapable realism of those who are unable to come home again and those who are condemned to wonder and worry about them. 

Quite a breadth of stories and styles.  A fantastic read and a very worthy cause.


  1. Great review, thanks for the heads up on this one.

  2. In case you can't tell...I highly recommend it! (-: