Thursday, December 1, 2011

The fascination of blog links which leads to Navy SEALs

I am always intrigued by the connections that can be made, especially now that we have the internet to assist us in meeting people world-wide!  I visited Kim's lovely blog at SOS Aloha (found at this link) and naturally, my quick 2 minute scan became a longer commitment because she mentioned another exuberant and warm person Anne Elizabeth (whom she graciously introduced me to at the Romantic Times Reader's Conference earlier this year) and I clicked on that link and was led to a beautiful tribute to the Navy SEAL and states their Ethos/Creed link which is a remarkable statement that shows what goes into the makeup of these amazing individuals.  I have seen various snippets of this credo and there are some wonderful fictional works out that feature the strong-willed, mutli-faceted alpha males that go through an intensive training process that hones them into the dangerous and efficient cohesive forces that do so much to protect all of us.  I was intrigued to scan through the Casablanca Authors blog (link) and discover that not only were they featuring the sequel to the very enjoyable book by Catherine Mann, Cover Me (the new book is titled Hot Zone) but another of the authors in this group gave me one of the biggest thrills of my life when I discovered that she had a snippet from my Night Owl Review contribution printed on the back cover of her book and on her Amazon page.  It is difficult to convince people that it is indeed my quote since only the site itself is cited but I hug the knowledge that those are my words that were printed.  The author is Mary Margret Daughtridge, and the book was SEALed with a Ring and my full review is at this link.  Truly, we now live in a small world.

There is a new book out which is called SEAL of My Dreams.  All proceeds from sales of this book goes to the Veterans Research Corporation, a non-profit fundraiser for veterans' medical research.  I look forward to reading it and will review it over the next few weeks.
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  1. Isn't it really interesting to find things we might not have found just by clicking on a link on someone else's blog. I am always amazed by the different things I find.

  2. has led me on many a weird and wonderful journey...not to mention the amount of time I have wasted!