Saturday, December 17, 2011

Celebrity in Death and Dream Zoo by Zynga

Whee!  An excerpt from the new Eve and Roarke book was included in the Nora Roberts newsletter today.  I just love the way Ms. Roberts effortlessly conveys Eve's disdain for the artificialities of those who only care for superficial appearances, bafflement when primping according to instruction and the genuine love and respect between Eve and her inner circle.  Can't wait for the new release in February next year.

Yippee, won a book from a lovely person at Let them readbooks.  How exciting!  A beautiful of these days I will have to learn how to emulate it.

'Tis the run around madly gathering last-minute gifts, to put up the wrong set of lights (I swear they all worked when I plugged them in BEFORE we stapled them to the house), to wonder whether it will rain before we get the groceries into the house...and to snuggle under the covers sipping hot chocolate and...playing Dream Zoo???  Yes, it is taking up more time than I like trying to keep the animals clean and fed and to earn new coins so that I can buy even more animals...what a treadmill!  I have quite a collection (although I am not terribly impressed to include Yeti) but I regret not having enough room to give some of my inhabitants room to stretch their legs.  It turns out that I can have multiples of some animals once they reach Champion status but haven't quite decided what to do about that because I can either crowd them in even more in the limited area that their cohorts are being housed in or start another area away from the first set.  Looking around at other people's zoos, I am amused to notice that I am true to my nature...I have neglected to put in items for the humans and although I do have a cobblestoned path, that is the extent of my expenditures to make visitors comfortable, lol, unlike others who have fancy paths, booths and other things.  The only problem is that this is cutting into my reading time!!!!  No wonder I am reluctant to get on Facebook!

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