Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Brisket Book: A Love Story

Looking for a cookbook for the barbeque aficionado in your life?  Take a look at The Brisket Book:  A Love Story by Stephanie Pierson.  This is a great book that is filled with anecdotes and droolworthy pictures of brisket as well as recipes.  I never stopped to wonder where corned beef came from nor had I realized that brisket is a comfort food in quite a few cultures.  I am blessed with a spouse who likes grilling and barbequing so I was entertained to see his favorite, the Big Green Egg, mentioned in this book.  There are suggestions for libations to accompany brisket as well as a pretty extensive list of hints for leftovers although I must admit that I can't really imagine brisket omelets.

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  1. I love brisket and when my hubby watches those cooking shows like Diner, drive in and dives...they are always showing how to make a good brisket.