Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Killbox, Sirantha Jax series and growing herbs

Killbox by Ann Aguirre is the fourth installment in her Sirantha Jax series.  The starcrossed pair of Sirantha and March are desperately searching for an answer to the horrific aliens who seem determined to eradicate any human who gets in their way.  A somewhat radical solution seems to have a slight chance of giving hope but the odds seem overwhelming.  A great read although it is always a little disturbing to follow the ups and downs of the Sirantha/March relationship.  The sequel is already out (Aftermath) and promises to be just as exciting a read as the rest of the novels in the series (Grimspace, Wanderlust, Doubleblind).  My Goodreads review for the book that I was fortunate enough to win is at this link.   Aguirre also has another enjoyable series featuring Corine Solomon.

I got this odd urge to try my hand at growing herbs a couple of years ago and asked for some as my secret Santa gift.  I started slowly with parsley and then added basil and chives.  Now, you must understand that I get more entertainment out of seeing a seed sprout and therefore am often my own worst enemy because I tend to dig things up to see what is happening.  There were some tiny sprigs growing in the little pots that came with the growing kit but they remained spindly little things for months.  Research online garnered the advice to remain patient as herbs grow slowly.  Well, I thought that once almost 12 months had elapsed, there should be a luxurious plant.  Hope springs eternal but the pitiful little plants would not enhance the meal for an ant, let alone a human!  I had added some liquid plant food to the water that I was using for another plant and absent-mindedly used that concoction to water the herbs and voila!   Suddenly the parsley leaves and the basil plant increased in size.  Hmm, I wonder if that was in the instructions that I didn't read?  (I love reading fiction but loathe reading instruction sheets). Finally, there are a few leaves that can be seen without a magnifying, if only I can dredge up the courage to add them to a dish.  (0:

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