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Untouched is Book 2 of ‘The Amoveo Legend’ series by Sara Humphreys which focus on a group of extraordinary beings who are shapeshifters living among humans.  Kerry Smithson has always known she was different but had no idea that her inability to physically touch others without experiencing pain came from her mixed heritage.  She is unwilling to accept that she and sexy Dante Coltari have more in common than a mutual attraction until she is faced with the undeniable evidence that both she and the foxy male are part of another race.  She is even less convinced that he is her mate but cannot deny that he is only the second person she has known whom she can touch without experiencing severe pain.  The horrific experiences that she and Samantha survived have made her even more wary of establishing new relationships but she inadvertently becomes a target of the fanatical Purists who believe that the Amoveo should only mate with their own kind.  Threats against her make Dante even more determined to never leave her side even as he takes the opportunity to introduce her all kinds of new experiences.  An evil opponent self-styled as the ‘Punisher’ seems determined to ruin the lives of Kerry and her friends forever but their friends and allies are just as determined to prevent him from achieving his nefarious goals.

This story was very inventive with an interesting twist given the need of individuals for contact and Kerry’s inability to touch or be touched without experiencing extreme pain.  She has a single friend and superficially is a successful model but is reluctant to make friends and Dante has to make strong efforts to breach her distrust and convince her of his sincerity.  She grows to believe that the sexiest thing about him is his heart as she comes to know him better but she is reluctant to accept the many complications of accepting someone in her life.  An entertaining light read.

A copy of this title was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Sounds like one I might like. Thanks for the review.

  2. It was a nice change to have other shapeshifting entities, I don't think that I am familiar with many fox shifters other than the Kitsune from Japanese folklore that appear in some tales.

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    1. Thank YOU for taking the time to visit and good luck with the new release!