Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Celebrity in Death

Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts)

is the latest in her wonderful futuristic series about Lieutenant Eve Dallas (and hunky ideal mate Roarke).  It is an interesting book that reminds me of a house of mirrors because fictional life is being mimicked on film which is telling the story of one of Eve's cases.  Confused?  Don't be...it's a great read.  If you are not already a fan of the series, a movie is being made of one of Eve's more sensational cases and Eve and her counterparts have been invited to a dinner with the actors portraying them.  I love Eve's discomfort with the social butterfly scene because I can identify with her reluctance to present a false front when all she wants to do is be herself.  I also think that the author's ability to create that sense of deep and abiding love is one of her greatest talents and the following quote from this novel really appealed to me:

p. 195  “His girl, he thought as hands and lips began to stroke the first embers of passion.  His strong, complicated, and resilient girl.  He loved every corner of her mind, her heart, even when she maddened him.  There was nothing he wanted or treasured more truly, nothing he had craved or dreamed of in those dark, often desperate years of youth that was as rich or powerful as what she’d given him.
    He’d believed in love despite the lack of it in those early years, or perhaps because of the lack.  But it had taken her to show him what love meant, what it gifted, what it cost, what it risked.”

Sigh...these two people have been honed by the crucibles of their traumatic backgrounds but they have found each other.  Who could ask for anything more?  Well, his propensity to own the world and her ability to cut through bull-s**t doesn't hurt either, lol.

I love the creativity that is present in this series and can instantly be drawn into this world.  I am constantly laughing or sighing at the imagery created...Eve's new coat is a source of instant lust for several people in this book and who wouldn't want Roarke choosing one's outfit for the night?  Okay, enough gushing...go enjoy the book!  My review on Amazon is at this link under ELF2060.  I am always appreciative of a 'yes this was helpful' vote.

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